Friday, November 4, 2011

Before I get started, I am thinking of changing my banner...

It would look something like this.
What do you think?

Yesterday was so beautiful out, I went to the beach to do some treasure hunting.
You can see in the shadow above the bag I am holding full of shells and things.
I ended up wandering around a lot longer than I had anticipated, it was perfect!!!
I wish it were that nice again today, but it is overcast.

Last night was the opening celebration for Present, a local holiday shop downtown here in Gloucester. It went really well and was such a good time!!!
Now I am getting ready for a fair in New Hampshire tomorrow.
I have to finish some nuno felted headbands, maybe a mermaid or two, get the wool I washed in for to dry, pack the car...
I am leaving tonight to go get my friend who is also doing the fair (she actually told me about it), we are going to go tonight and stay at her mother's house so that we are closer tomorrow.

I think this weekend is going to be busier that I realize.
Travel tonight, fair tomorrow, game night with friends tomorrow night, big anniversary sale going on the whole weekend at the local yarn shop (and I definitely what to take advantage of that!), then hopefully a knitting get together at a friends house sunday afternoon/evening!
I also have a lot of other things that need creating to add to the shop downtown, but I think I will focus more on that next week...

So, any big plans for your weekend?


  1. i love the "new" banner : )

    i am having a slow weekend containing
    some knitting, tea and reading...