Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!
(I know, a day late... but it still counts, right?)

I love thanksgiving, it is one of my favorite holidays
and you can be darn sure that I ate my weight in food yesterday.
After we ate, my sister and I went for a drive and saw this amazing sunset and although it was FREEZING out, we had to play around a little bit!

So now it is time to focus on getting ready for gift giving!
I have decided that all of my holiday gifts are going to be handmade by me or from another artists, crafter or small, local business.
(I call this the REAL occupy wallstreet, make a difference in your local community)

Ok, so now the awesome news:
You can support a small business and artist/crafter too because
I am having a SALE in the shop!!!

I am offering 20% off anything in my shop,
all you need to do is use the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS during checkout.
Simple as that.
And you get an awesome deal, right!!!??!

Ok, now fly free...
Happy Friday!