Tuesday, November 30, 2010

morning frost feathers

morning frost feathers, originally uploaded by Little Owl Arts.

we have had a frost on the ground the last 2 days. this is what the glass on our coldframe looked like yesterday morning. it was such a beautiful, feathery design!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lizzie Maurus

I am loving this song right now...
And her amazing voice!!!

Posting some new earrings today in the shop!
Just an FYI:

For those who are holiday shopping today, Cyber Monday... I have decided to offer 10% off EVERYTHING in my etsy shop! To get this special deal, enter the word MITTENPAWS into the coupon code box when checking out! Happy holidays!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whats New...

A few more new items listed in my Etsy Shop!

Nuno Felted Cowl-Scarf with Buttons

Nuno Felted Cowl-Scarf with Buttons

Nuno Felted Cowl-Scarf with buttons

I would love to know what you think!
Do you wear scarves?
Tell me about your favorite scarf!

...little owl...
Good Morning!
I have a lot that I need to work on today, but first I think I am going to attempt to get some cleaning done!
I have been feeling on and off lately and was sick again this morning, I must still be fighting the bug that I had,
but I am feeling a little better right now, so I am going to try to get as much done as possible.
I am so excited because we were lent a new (to us) wood stove which far surpasses the hunk of junk we had before.
I can't even say how happy I am!
Last night it was in the 20's and it stayed so warm in here, I barely needed blankets!
I love waking up to a warm house.

Yesterday when I was outside playing with the dogs, I looked in the garden and found a few little baby carrots that were still growing!
They are so cute, don't you think?!?

Well, I guess I better go make some breakfast and get the day rolling.
It is really clear and sunny, but it is definitely getting colder out!
Have a shiny day!

...little owl...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whaddaya Think!?!

I always feel like I am behind on something, but I finally listed at least a few of the new things I have made on my etsy site!

Nuno Felted Cuff Bracelet

Take a look and let me know what you think!
I always want to be more prepared for the holidays, but it feels like there is always one thing that I never think of until the last minute and then it is too late.
Or that I am not prepared enough for what I need to do...

I am getting ready for my next fair, next weekend, at the Stone Ridge Montessori School.
I hope it goes well!
I fell so behind being sick and now need to make up for it.
And after that I need to really focus on my etsy shop.
Do you have an etsy shop?
Do you like it?
Any tips on marketing online?


...little owl...

Friday, November 26, 2010

This is pretty much one of my all time favorite movies!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gotta see the cuteness!

Well, Happy Thanksgiving!
I love thanksgiving dinner... I don't think it could get any better!
I have been sick as a dog the past couple of days, well, since the fair on Saturday.
I am finally starting to feel better, but now my man has what I had - no fun at all!
Hopefully it will pass quickly!

I have been feeling like I have so much to post, not enough time and also nothing that really makes me feel something, or that feels really interesting.
But as I was reading through my blog roll this morning, I stumbled across the cutest thing ever!
These little girls are seriously cute and their father has captured them in the most wonderful moments!

Ok, now that I think I have posted almost every single one...
These are photos by Jason Lee, found via.
You can also find more of these on Jason's Flickr photostream.
I think I will be spending the rest of the morning there!

Well I hope you have a wonderful day!
I am sure I will be coming home later stuffed like the turkey was!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

at the fair...

At the Waldorf Holiday Fair...

It was so busy that I could barely go around to see who else was there and since I was vending by my lonesome, there wasn't really a chance for any other photos of the other rooms...
But I did remember to take some pictures of my display which I was pretty happy with.
Display is not my favorite thing, but it seems to be getting better with every show!
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and getting ready for Thanksgiving!
I am exhausted, but am going to try to get some work done,
the next fair is just around the corner and I have a lot to do!

How sweet is this face?
I love that this owl is emerging out of a pile of fluffy down!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Working hard for the money!

getting ready for the holiday fair tomorrow at the waldorf school in Beverly Farms...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poesy Bird

Photos of my little feathered friend.
I can't imagine my life without a parrot in it...
I never knew how amazing they are until one came to live with us.
I love her so much!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


..., originally uploaded by Little Owl Arts.

Veda is the best at tug-o-war!

hey birdie bird!

It is absolutely pouring out right now.
I was hoping to take some pictures of my latest creations, but it might have to wait if it doesn't clear up a bit.
I love a good rainy day for working,
it seems to calm me.
But this morning I have to go take my car to be looked at which isn't quite as much fun.
So anyways, I thought I would share this photo I found.


Isn't this bird beautiful?
What amazing colors!
It is a lilac breasted roller...
I think I need to do some research on this amazing little feathered creature.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I don't know what else to say except that I LOVE this space.
Can I please live here?
It could be my studio... Comfy chairs and all!
And I definitely have enough books to fill and make use of the wonderful shelves!

Totally awesome.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Very Fine House, Vibeke, and Lola Nova... This is for you!

Here we go...
This is WAAAAAY overdue and for that I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart!
Now, first and foremost I want to say THANK YOU!!!
There are 3 wonderful packages that I received from 3 wonderful people!!!

I won these lovely bird related beauties from a giveaway on Micaela's blog Dolce Vita.
It is a wonderful blog by a wonderful girl!
The gifts are from Kate at Very Fine House!
I love birds and was so excited when I won this!!!

I love them both!

Next, a HUGE thank you to Vibeke from a butterfly in my hair!!!
I LOVE her blog so much, she always has such wonderful photos to look at!
I signed up for her Pay It Forward and she sent me the most wonderful package of goodies!!!

First I opened the card... A Dottie Angel card! Amazing!
But it got better!!!
Next was a little package of all her favorite herbal teas.
I LOVE tea and drink it all day long!
So I can't wait to try these ones, they sound so delicious!
And last, she sent me 2 little faery tales wrapped in the most beautiful paper (shown under all the display of goodies).
They are absolutely precious and I love children's books, so I was very happy!
Thank you so much, Vibeke!!!!!

And lastly, but most recently, my Pay It Forward from Alex over at Lola Nova-Whatever Lola Wants.
Again, another spot on gift!
I couldn't be more appreciative!

First was a wonderful crocheted ornament which I cannot wait to hang!
Also, there was a wonderful hand sewn pouch... WITH OWLS!!!
I was so excited to see this, what a great personal touch!

And inside was a hand printed, hand sewn lavender sachet.
I LOVE lavender and thought this was a great addition because I noticed how wonderful the package smelled before I even tore into the beautiful wrapping!
(I also love her personal postcard!)
Alex, you really did a wonderful job, I love it all!!!

Whew! That was a lot!
So now it will be my turn to post another Pay It Forward which I will do in a few days.
I am sorry it took so long to share a post with my thank you's,
but I will have to blame it all on my finicky camera
which would not let me upload photos for a while.
Obviously problem solved...
After much time at the computer store and on the phone with the computer people and spending unnecessary money to fix a problem that wasn't really the problem at all...
Oh well, live and learn... Right?!?
*Much Love*
Andy had a fire in the yard last night to burn some old wood that had been laying around near the compost pile and the old greenhouse.
It was such a beautiful night and the fire was mesmerizing!

Original photos from my everyday life.