Thursday, November 4, 2010


I can finally upload photos again.
The end result was something simple and quite stupid,
of course.
It seems I wasted a lot of time and a bit of money trying to figure the whole situation out,
but at least I can now start to upload my own photos again!
So, I was going through my photos on my computer today,
both new and old,
and stumbled across these...

This little guy was really enjoying taking his pick of my freshly washed fleece.
He was hopping around and tugging at bits of loose wool,
it was so cute!
This was this spring or summer,
I am guessing he was trying to build a nest!
Isn't he cute!
I love goldfinches,
many times they arrive in pairs.
Last year there was a couple that liked to feed on the sunflowers that had reseeded themselves from the birds the year before.
I named them Gus and Fredrika.
Maybe this is Gus!


  1. i love goldfinches, and i think they have some of the sweetest voices i've heard! we keep a feeder specifically for them filled with nothing but black oil sunflower seeds, and they eampty it every single day!

    the other year, cheesecake ripped up his dog bed that was on the back deck, so for months we had bits of filling all over our yard, and one afternoon, we saw a female goldfinch gathering pieces to make a nest!

  2. they are wonderful, I wish they stayed around here all year... such pretty songs, you are right! I always leave my extra bits of wool and fibers out where the birds can get them. I bet the birds in our area have the warmest and wooliest nests around!