Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Bubbles

These were some really beautiful ice formations that we found on our walk with the pups tonight.

Our house...

I don't think that I have too much that is very interesting to share this morning... But I am thankful that the wind has died down and the temperature has gone up a little bit. I don't mind winter at all, in fact I quite like it most of the time, but the freezing cold, really strong wind I just cannot deal with. One little gap in my scarf for a brief moment and I have a chill for the rest of the day!

So anyways, I like when there are pictures (in general) in posts, especially when they are of peoples lives because I am always interested in peoples lives (not in a nosey, gossipy kind of way, just how people are and their everyday life)... So I thought that I would share a few of our house...

I have a love hate relationship with the place we live in. We live on what I guess you would call an old estate. We live in the building that used to be the barn and there is an old rundown greenhouse next to it (which, when we moved here, before we knew all of the drama involved with being here, thought we would fix up an use... that didn't and will not happen, unfortunately).

Things are a bit better, I guess, since they finally replaced the roof that was leaking into the house in more than a few places and the window above the wood stove and near the heater that had a 1 inch gap in it that went directly outside (let's just say that heating was very difficult and costly last year!).

It is a really beautiful space, unique open layout, but the building is granite which makes it very difficult to control moisture in the warmer months... Not to mention pretty much all of the windows are rotting out so many of them don't open.

However, to look at our "cottage" it looks a bit like a fairytale outside and really would be an ideal space if it were just a little bit different...

But for the time being, this is where we live, until we can find another place that we can afford around here with 2 dogs (renting) or if not here, another place that suits us.
So here are a few pictures of the main room from left to right if you walk in our "front door" (which is actually on the opposite side of the house from where you park)...

Well, this is pretty close to the front door, but the propane wasn't as visually pleasing or interesting...
And that is Jacob on his big smooshy bed that he loves.

Our chaotic book case. This and the wood stove were what made us decide move here. Up behind the top of the bookshelf is a room with a half wall that we use as a studio/storage for all the gigantic puppets which aren't there in this picture because we have moved things around a bit since last year when these were taken...

This is the kitchen. Behind the stone wall on the right are stairs to the bedroom (thats where the window up above looks into).

This corner is constantly changing... I was using it for consultations when I gave them at my house. Right now it has the christmas tree there. Yes it is still up because we got the most amazing tree this year in the white mtns. (another story altogether) and it still is alive, it just started dropping a few needles and smells beautiful! HA HA HA, I just realized that my shadow is in the bottom right corner of this picture.

This is Veda in front of the sliding glass door. Before the roof and window above the stove was fixed we has to close off as many doors/windows from use as possible during the winter months, so we just used the "front" door (which was also covered with plastic and a blanket because its drafty). My plants liked it though! They had the sunlight all to themselves.

This was at a potluck we had (we had to move the plants for that one so everyone could easily get in the door). This was a ways into it when the hoola hoops came out (probably not the best idea with 4 - 5 gallon carboys right out at hoop level, but luckily nothing was broken!), it was so much fun!

And so that is the main room, well pretty much the whole house...
I do love being here, in the woods but down the street from the ocean.
But it is difficult when we have to battle bugs (we live near the vernal ponds... lots of mosquitoes... I am always on patrol in the house because of Posey) and mold and rotting windows all the time.

As artists, we have a lot of "stuff" (to put it simply) and it is hard to store things when there is so much moisture.

Maybe my dream house will manifest itself and be affordable to us...
I can only hope!

Until then, I am thankful for such a beautiful, quite space.

What is your house like?


Saturday, January 30, 2010

little owl wants to pay it forward!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have some new little hoots for sale in my
They would make great Valentine's gifts and are under $20!!!
Feel free to tell your friends!
(And they are welcome to tell their friends to, he he he...)

Okey-Doke... Now on with the real Post!
So, here's the deal...
I was checking out the lovely Lola Nova's blog,
and I saw that she was doing this thing called 'pay it forward'.
I LOVE these kind of things, so I am delighted to participate!
When I was little I used to make things and put together kits of whatnots and doodads and send them to my friends...
I am not sure my friends thought that they were as fun and wonderful as I did,
but I loved doing it just the same...
So I am very happy to announce,
its time to PAY IT FORWARD!

How it works;

* I will make a little handmade Little Owl-kinda-like something for the first 3 people who comment on this post who would like to play along.

* I have a year (365 days) to complete my mission and send off the goodies! That should be enough time.

* There is no telling what those things might be, or when they will show up in the post, it's a mystery.

Details, or the fine print;

Since this is ‘Pay It Forward’. You, my dears, must do as I have done and post a similar blog entry yourself, hence Paying the handmade bloggy goodness Forward and keeping the meme, and the fun, going.

Would you like to join in? Of course you do. You have an entire year to make whatever you want, it can be something small or tall or short and stout, even something round. And you will receive something made by me! Ooh, the possibilities!

I am so excited...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Its Friday!
Which means, thanks to lauren via kassi,
Feel free to play along, its fun! and you can link yourself up with the rest of us having fun here.

1. If I weren't an artist/herbalist I'd love to be I don't know, maybe an artist that makes a profit, but still has integrity like a new artist or a clothing designer, or traveler, or herb and flower farmer... but i really like being an artist and an herbalist .

2. When I'm super upset I cry. its embarrassing, but I can't seem to stop myself... fyi, I also cry when I am embarrassed, or super happy, or listening to music...

3. My favorite thing about myself is my creativity, sense of humor, my size (I like being small) and my eyes (when they aren't being sensitive and irritated) .

4. If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on either taking my dog to the vet for an exray (in hopes that may tell me what is going on with him) .

5. Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love my hair. I have dread locks (although I hate calling them that because I am not a rastafarian... so I call them my roots) .

6. I love the way I feel after a good walk with the dogs, especially on a nice day and the forest or beach smells strong... or when I am really in the groove creating and thats all I can focus on and am actually getting things accomplished and produced .

7. I love my hair most when it's humid out or after I wash it because I get little curls around my face (normally my hair that isn't knotted up is mousy, fine and fairly bodiless, blah!)

Have a great weekend!

I appreciate you

I found this photo on a blog while I was looking around at a bunch of different blogs.
I absolutely love it and wish my life felt like this all the time!
Unfortunately, I can't remember where the picture came from exactly,
so if you know its info, let me know so I can link it up, thanks!


I am new to this blogoshpere.
And I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into,
or how I would feel about blogging...

since I have started,
I have "met" some really great people.
Some very talented and inspiring people.
And I have started following a whole collections of absolutely wonderful blogs!

So for the past few days,
as winter has been trying to bring me down,
I have found that this blogoshere is full of amazing bloggers
and has been just what I needed.

In the past few days,
through all of you wonderful bloggers,
I have read inspiring stories,
seen amazing, beautiful and inspiring photos,
won a giveaway,
read of other giveaways,
joined in a "pay-it-forward",
(which I will be posting about soon)
and so much more!
It has been so helpful when I am in a down kind of mood,
to log onto my blog
and see all of YOUR wonderful blogs...
And through all of you,
found other amazing blogs/bloggers.
It makes me feel good.

So in conclusion to that,
I just want to say,
Thank You!
that I appreciate you!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hooray!!! I won!!!

I am sooooo excited!
I won this beautifully delicious handmade pin by Cole over at
You should check her out,
Her blog is wonderful!

I am just so very excited!

I was in such a bad mood today,
and just when I thought that I should pout the rest of the day away
I checked my blog and saw that she had chosen a winner!
Actually, this is what I saw:

Well, of course I started bouncing around in excitement!
Silly ol' me,
and I thought that today was going to suck entirely...
So, thank you Cole!
I feel so much happier now!
I can't wait to wear my new,
handmade pin!!!
Oh, and don't for get to check out my GIVEAWAY!
There is still time to leave a comment!
You can have a second chance if you blog about me and mention my Etsy Shop!!!
Have fun!

Having a Dress Craving...

I have to admit it,
although sometimes I really hate to,
I love clothes...
Plain and simple.
And right now,
I am in love with dresses,
although I don't have too many.
Dresses are particularly love worthy to me right now
because I wear leggings alot.
Like every day.
So I thought I would share some of the dresses that I have found
and wish that I could find really cheap second hand,
seeing as I have taken a challenge of the utmost kind!
and that I have not much money to buy it with...
I thought that I would share a handful of my favorites that I found on
the modcloth website.
so fun!
and so pretty!
Here's to wishing
(and maybe magically manifesting!)

Very Pretty!
Love the colors and the cowl... and the whole dress!

Looks comfy.

I especially like this one.

So they are mostly still sort of wintery,
But I think they are incredibly cute!
What kind of dresses
(or clothes)
do you wish for?
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspired by beauty

I have been wanting post for a few days now,
but it just didn't seem to happen.
I don't know why...
I had ideas and thoughts,
but I just couldn't get myself to focus,
to be motivated...
So I though,
maybe I just need to see something beautiful to make me feel calm and collected.
So I began searching for pictures that made me feel happy
and good
and romantic
and calm
and inspired
by their beauty.
I guess I am hoping these will help uplift me,
inspire me,
motivate me...
I don't know,
but it feels like I am looking for something and I don't know what...
Like I am close,
but not able to see.
So maybe these will help me see.
And maybe they will help you feel the way they make me feel!

 by nikolinelr by nikolinelr by nikolinelrprincess by Rebecca Nathanafloat by Rebecca Nathan by aurora print by aurora print by aurora print by ღMayuღ by ღMayuღ by ღMayuღWalking alone by InsP.ireR M_u_s_E by look left and look righti can't sleep by look left and look right by look left and look righttempting disaster, testing water, with another's daughter (explored) by look left and look rightFireflies by .delila.dream in pale pink by e.kristina

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tea and Toasty toes...

I wanted to post this this afternoon,
but that just didn't happen.
I guess better late then never,
I love doing this blog on Tuesdays!
Here you go...
Two things I love... Around my home:
This tea set actually didn't come as a set technically.
Andy gave me the teapot as a gift
(and I love it, of course!)
And the teacup was donated to me,
along with a bunch more teacups and saucers,
by my friend Perry.
They were his grandmother's
and I feel very honored that he thought they should live with me!
(I LOVE teacups and teapots...)
And the bowl in the back just happened to be in the picture,
and match...
I also love out wood stove!
(I don't know what happened here with my camera, but I kinda like it!)
It has been well used and somewhat abused by former tenants,
But Andy gave it a little bit of a fix up,
and she is much,
I feel so thankful that we have a wood stove,
especially this time of year.
Having Posey Bird

and living in New England,
I am always worried about winter
and losing power,
losing heat...
So not only does our lovely wood stove keep our tootsies and mini talons warm,
it is also a HUGE stress reliever
knowing that I can keep Posey and the rest of the family warm with it!
What are two things that you love around your home?
I would love to know if you want to leave a link in the comments!
and also,
you can link up at kassi's blog,
Bacwoods Fern...
click here.
Have a wonderful evening!