Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today, tomorrow and next week...

Check it out... I am attempting to "twitter"... Oh, yeah, and...

Next week is my Birthday... YAY!!!

...And for that, I am very excited to say, that starting tomorrow I am taking a break and going skiing/snowboarding with my sistah (thats how its said here in Glawstah, aka Gloucester), whom with which I have not been in oh, say 10 years or more. I am fully celebrating myself this year!

I always say that I want to, I want to do this for my birthday and I want to do that for my birthday, but it never comes to fruition (thanks to my indecisive personality flaw). So this year, Myself and a bunch of fancy free friends are going LASER BOWLING!!! I think it will be fun, I love bowling even though I am completely terrible, it should still be incredibly fun and I am totally excited!

I am very excited to go and although I am admittedly feeling a bit anxious about being away from my crafting supplies for 4 days...
No worries though! I won't be going empty handed!

I will be fully equipped with crafty entertainment!
(not to mention my basket of fibers that are coming for the trip, they are all sprawled out across the floor in the other room at the moment and, so, did not make it into the photo line up)...

I am very excited though, I feel like this trip and the energy of the day of my birth are leading my motivation. And, after all is said and done, I am going to be getting myself organized
(a project which I have already started)
and start posting some new little creatures, some of which would be wonderful for
Valentine's Day
(which is coming faster than I can keep up with!)
In keeping with the goal of being organized, I will slowly be starting to move my current etsy shop ( to my newly acquired etsy shop:
(see, organized, all names matching up, easier to remember and to find!)
I thought it was about time that everything was organized and easy to find, so everything relating to me and my artistry will also be connected to little owl arts.

So YAY! for birthdays and the energy of the Universe which seemingly spins in cycles and for the tides of the moon pulling me this way and that showing me which directions to go.


And so these two lovely, little owls are totally in love and are also a little SNEAK PEAK of the loving little hoots that will be dawned in my etsy shop next week! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by!

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