Saturday, January 9, 2010

Summer Ocean Triptych

This is a triptych of mini paintings I did of the ocean this summer. Living by the sea is a great inspiration for me and there is one beach, Lighthouse Beach, down the road from my house, that I love. My favorite time to go there is high tide because all of the beach has been swallowed up and only large boulders remain. It is usually empty at this time so it feels like I have the whole ocean to myself. Not to mentions to most gorgeous water colors!
High tide is also the best time to go swimming because the water is up around the rocks making it so you can jump or dive in and swim like in a pool! The water is always so clear and refreshing... OH, man, I miss swimming in the ocean! If I had more guts, I would get a suit and swim all year, but I just don't care to be that cold!

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