Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tea and Toasty toes...

I wanted to post this this afternoon,
but that just didn't happen.
I guess better late then never,
I love doing this blog on Tuesdays!
Here you go...
Two things I love... Around my home:
This tea set actually didn't come as a set technically.
Andy gave me the teapot as a gift
(and I love it, of course!)
And the teacup was donated to me,
along with a bunch more teacups and saucers,
by my friend Perry.
They were his grandmother's
and I feel very honored that he thought they should live with me!
(I LOVE teacups and teapots...)
And the bowl in the back just happened to be in the picture,
and match...
I also love out wood stove!
(I don't know what happened here with my camera, but I kinda like it!)
It has been well used and somewhat abused by former tenants,
But Andy gave it a little bit of a fix up,
and she is much,
I feel so thankful that we have a wood stove,
especially this time of year.
Having Posey Bird

and living in New England,
I am always worried about winter
and losing power,
losing heat...
So not only does our lovely wood stove keep our tootsies and mini talons warm,
it is also a HUGE stress reliever
knowing that I can keep Posey and the rest of the family warm with it!
What are two things that you love around your home?
I would love to know if you want to leave a link in the comments!
and also,
you can link up at kassi's blog,
Bacwoods Fern...
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Have a wonderful evening!


  1. i love teapots and tea cups and i love your simple yet elegant white!

    oooh i love old wood stoves... i've always wanted to visit new england... i imagine it to be so beautiful.

    glad you're staying warm!

    thanks for playing along brittan!

  2. My sweet dachshund Ralph & my vintage sparrow tea set! -The Sugar Tree Girl

  3. only 2? my mini doxies karma and dharma! my furbabies!

  4. This is an every tuesday kind of thing that kassi does, so it goes on! yay!!!