Sunday, January 24, 2010

What have I been working on?

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Let me show you what I have been up to.

It all started with this cute frame that my man put together for me on my Birthday!
I was so excited and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it...

So I got out my baskets of yarn
and started pulling out some colors I liked.

Once I found my colors that I was thinking about
I set it all up...
And then I started this weaving!

This is what I ended up with.
It was a little hard to get to be exactly how I wanted because the frame was a little warped,
I love the design I came up with
Some of the yarn is my handspun, hand dyed yarn that I created!
So I am very proud of that,
and very proud of how it came out.

In Fact.......

I was so happy and so proud
I finally put together another lap loom
(which I have been meaning to do for a while
since I don't have space right now for a "real" loom
...they are gigantic!)

So here is my new one,
(some of the stretchers are even reclaimed from the trash!)
I started warping it,
But as I began,
I realized that I did not like the yarn I warped it with.
(it was a bit too thick and I didn't care much for the effect I was getting.)

So I re-warped it with this thinner, green yarn
and began again!

This is much better I think...

I haven't gotten very far with this one.
But, so far so good!
the loom is made with 21" and 30" stretchers,
but I would love to get longer ones so I can make scarves!
If anyone knows of a place to get them free or second hand
I would be most gratified!
so its second hand for me)
Now I will be off.
to weave some more.
to work on some other creative endeavors...
So stay tuned for those!
And don't forget about the Giveaway!
And also, check out my etsy shop!
I will be putting new items up for sale throughout the next few days!
(so keep checking in!)
Have a beautiful Sunday!
What are you all up to?

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  1. I know that someone will come up with this for you! the challenge of the utmost kind has lots of universal fairies that keep us magically supplied! ciao bella xo cat