Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is how walking out in the snow makes me feel...

...And this is how walking out in the snow makes veda feel!

Happy Snow... Part 1

A few days ago we got a beautiful, happy snow.
We didn't get much (maybe about an inch), but it was sticky so it held onto and covered everything.
It was most wonderful to explore the forest with...

As per usual (and because I think the sad reality is that winter is a dying season around here)the next day it was 50 degrees and the snow was gone in an instant.
Today is the same story, but raining.
It is hard enough already, living on the coast, it effects the temperature and the weather so much.

I love snow.
A snowy winter day is my favorite time of year to be outside in the woods...
Do any of you feel the same way?
Have you noticed the change in the seasons where you are?

I am so thankful for the few days of snow we do get now.
I am hoping we get snow again soon (it is supposedly predicted for tomorrow, so fingers crossed).


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hold your heart in your hands

Sadly it doesn't seem to snow much here now, but last night we got enough to cover everything and turn this part of the world white...
So happy!

I have been knitting like crazy lately. It seems to be a good handcraft to help me through the transition of the year, as well as the transitions happening in my life.

I will be putting these in the shop later. Just in time for valentines, maybe... What do you think?

Happy snowy day, my little owlettes!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

...Just popping in...

I have been so excited that we got a "real" snow!
(Last winter was a total bust, it was pretty much spring the whole time and now snow!)
We decided to go for a snowy adventure in the woods this past holiday weekend.
It was beautiful!

Poor Veda started to get cold towards the end and because she is so fluffy, we have to frequently stop to help her get the snow/ice balls off the bottom of her paws.
No worries though, it was all good and everyone had a good time.

A couple of hours later, we were happy to be home sipping tea and warming up.
Now it is extremely cold out and sunny, I hope we get more snow soon!!!


On a side note, I have some things to list in the shop, but I have been totally lazy.
Plus we are going to Maine this weekend to go snowboarding and to see the Big 'Ol Dirty Bucket play up at Sugar Loaf (WOOOT!!!), so you will have to wait a little longer for me to put up what I've got.

I hope you all have a glorious weekend!
(and I hope you had a safe and wonderful New Years as well!)