Sunday, October 30, 2011

The waves over on the east side of town were amazing, especially with the sunset! It looked like there were mystical creatures riding the crest of each one. The clouds were the most beautiful pink, fading into a lavender sky and neon in the distance, the ocean was teal with white foam.

I hope you are able to enjoy and beautiful sunset tonight...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It has been a while since I have shared with you any of the new scarves that I have been working on. But for sure, this is the season! I am really pleased with the nuno felted scarves that have been manifesting through my hands this year.
What do you think?

Fire Falls To The Earth

The colors yesterday on my walk were so incredible, it is one of my favorite things about fall! It was interesting to see the color variation depending on the trees. The poplars were all golden and green, the maples had this amazing fire on the edges or dotted throughout and the oaks were all hues of red ranging from auburn to crimson. If you haven't seen a New England fall, there really isn't anything like it! Well, I think it might be time for me to take a trip to my mom's attic to get my winter jackets out of storage.

Also, I am excited to announce that I am learning to knit socks! I went to the knitting night at the local yarn shop- little side note: I love this shop, all the people that work there are crazy (in a good way and it is very welcoming, plus they have a LOT of wonderful yarns). Knit night was great, there were a couple of feisty older ladies and a couple of my friends showed up as well. Now I am obsessed with my current knitting projects and find them to be slightly distracting at times when I need to be working on stock for my upcoming fairs. Anyway, I hope these socks come out ok...
Do you knit?

Friday, October 28, 2011

This is what was in our metal fire pit this morning...
No, we didn't get snow. We had aweful, cold, raw, icky rain.
But it was kind of pretty, all the colors frozen in momentum here.
Hope you are warm and dry :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feelin' kinda rambly...

It is so gross and raw and wet here today. There is supposedly a chance of snow later (which I would be more pleased about, yet doubt, being on the coast, we will get). I had a hard time focusing this morning, I was so tired from staying up until almost 3 am which I never do.

I am kind of grannyish when it comes to sleep, I like to go to bed at a reasonable time because I don't like to sleep in and I prefer to get up fairly early. Actually, I have a really hard time sleeping in...

Ok, anyway, I went bowling with a bunch of friends, which we tend to do fairly regularly on wednesday nights. It's super awesome, glow bowling, with the flashy lights and black lights and everything. Yeah, it's that kind of bowling. So it goes until midnight and then we hung out for a bit afterward which was nice, but then I didn't get home until really late...

I did get a bunch of felting done, but now I need to find a model so I can photograph at least a few of the new pieces before they sell. I have also been working on knitting a new pair of fingerless mittens, that's kind of exciting (and distracting when I should be doing other things). I think I have too many things going on in my head today, focusing is really difficult.

Obviously I am a bit rambley today, I'm allowed that right?!!?

These photos are of my little walk the other day (sans icky cold rain) in Halibut Point. I think it is a state park, or maybe it's a reservation? Whatever, I can't remember. But it sure was lovely out that day. I love how blue the water (both ocean and quarry) and sky is, plus the browns and greys of the granite and the fire reds, golds and oranges that are in the low bush leading down to the water. There were also some really beautiful, fluffy clouds dotting the skyline. It was a happy kind of day...

Halibut Point is in rockport, which is the town next to where I live. I live on what I guess is basically a peninsula (although we refer to it as the Island) and Rockport is basically at the end. So you are able to find a spot and just look out over the ocean with no end in sight.
Kinda cool.

Well, I am off to tend to the wood stove, put Posey Bird to sleep and then try and hunt down some chocolate. I am hoping I can find a hidden stash or something.
Hope you are all cozy and warm.

One last thing I would like to share with you tonight (found via Jillian's twitter feed):

We must bring our own light to the darkness.


Night all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love the colors out in nature this time of year!
The holly is so happy (maybe because it has been let to run completely wild...) and has sprout vibrant red berries!
The leaves on the trees are all turning golden yellow
and there seems to be a whole lot of mycology thriving!

I was excited when looking at the woodpile the other day at how many of the logs had mushrooms growing on them!
It was kind of like a treasure hunt of sorts...

Ones woodpile: utilitarian for sure.
For warmth, for life... for medicine?

I was excited to see turkey tails growing,
they are one of my favorite medicinals!
They are great for the immune system and help to invigorate the spirit.

It is amazing seeing things around us that we never think of as having a purpose, never think of as medicine.
But just like humans thrive on interaction and relationships, so do these plants and fungi.
They like to be used and honored.
They know they have gifts to give.

The ones with the gills are unknown to me, any thoughts?

Do you use plants or mushrooms as medicine?
Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I feel very lucky to live in such a private place,
surrounded by trees.
I love being able to see forest everywhere I look.

Trees sooth my soul.
They are my friends.

Right now it is so beautiful out and the maples are all lit up in the sun.
The sunny, golden, yellow of the leaves lifts my spirits.
It is like they are glowing with the sunlight shining through!

This color is one I have been really drawn to lately.
I don't know if it is the season or just the stirring of my solar plexus when I absorb this tawny hue into my core.
It makes me happy,
and feel vibrant!

I also LOVE cosmos
and these ones seem to be trying to take over my yard (which is ok by me!).
Another color I have been feeling in my core as well.
What colors are you drawn to lately?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A beautiful skyline tonight.
A beautiful contrast of the sunset against the darkening sky.
Yesterday looking back behind where my booth was set up. We had clouds all day and then got a little bit of sunshine, only to be followed by this sky full of funky looking, looming grey clouds! It was quite a beautiful sight!!! This is the only photo I remembered to take, ha!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yesterday started out foggy and overcast, but turned out to be absolutely beautiful!
We took a walk in the morning and after the POURING rain that we had the day before and all the dampness there was a whole lot of mushrooms that had popped up!

The colors in the woods are so beautiful and warm,
with all the bright and mustardy yellows,
the vibrant reds
and the burnt oranges...
Plus there is still quite a bit of green which contrasts and explodes,
especially on days where it is damp and wet!

I love the woods when it is raining, or even foggy or overcast.
It is so peaceful and still.
It is like all of the trees are drinking in deep and the animals are all cuddling together,
staying out of the rain and keeping dry.
I like the sound of water droplets on the leaves in the trees...

Hope you are all enjoying your evening!
I am off to get ready for the Essex Clamfest tomorrow...
Wish me luck!