Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love the colors out in nature this time of year!
The holly is so happy (maybe because it has been let to run completely wild...) and has sprout vibrant red berries!
The leaves on the trees are all turning golden yellow
and there seems to be a whole lot of mycology thriving!

I was excited when looking at the woodpile the other day at how many of the logs had mushrooms growing on them!
It was kind of like a treasure hunt of sorts...

Ones woodpile: utilitarian for sure.
For warmth, for life... for medicine?

I was excited to see turkey tails growing,
they are one of my favorite medicinals!
They are great for the immune system and help to invigorate the spirit.

It is amazing seeing things around us that we never think of as having a purpose, never think of as medicine.
But just like humans thrive on interaction and relationships, so do these plants and fungi.
They like to be used and honored.
They know they have gifts to give.

The ones with the gills are unknown to me, any thoughts?

Do you use plants or mushrooms as medicine?
Do you have a favorite?

1 comment:

  1. Maybe oyster mushrooms Brit. I found a good book for your area for mushroom id

    My brother and i just started one of those kits from Fungi Perfecti for maitake mushrooms!

    Your photography is wonderful! xxx