Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going to Nateva

Getting ready and getting excited!
Going to be here this weekend!

Excited to see the Flaming Lips!


Also excited to see Further

...and She & Him!

I am so exited!!!
We will be there with GIANT puppets and amazing hand crafted art.
Any of you going?
Look for the One World Puppetry tent!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Banner

So I changed my Blog Banner...
What do you think?

This was the one before:

Do you like it?
Did you like the old one better?
Comments welcome!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sundy, Sunday, Sunday...

I shouldn't have had that mocha earlier...
Now I can't seem to focus,
it is very frustrating.

I haven't really gotten much accomplished today,
but I did go to the flea market this morning with my sistah...
Lots of cool things to find!
I didn't really get anything, but it was still fun!

St. Peter's Fiesta has been going on and it is complete madness in town!
It took me almost 1/2 hour to get out of town today!
And everyone is drunk or getting drunk and people start getting unfriendly!
It's sheer madness,UGH!

I was supposed to get together with some friends today and go for a walk,
but it ended up that I didn't have time before I had to leave to pick up Andy from work.
Very sad, but hopefully we will actually get together soon...

On a different note,
I harvested my garlic scapes the other day...

(the curly things that grow on top of garlic, would be the flower)
I wanted to pickle them and found a recipe for lacto fermented garlic scapes.

If you aren’t familiar with it, lacto-fermentation is the act of creating a lactic-acid rich environment that enables the natural preservation of certain foods. Lacto-fermentation also makes these foods more nutritious (it increases their vitamin content) and more digestible (it fosters the growth of natural probiotics). Lacto-fermenting is also referred to as “culturing” foods. Vegetables are easily lacto-fermented/cultured by mixing them with a salt water solution and allowing them to sit in an air-tight container (a glass mason jar works well) at room temperature for several days before moving them to the refrigerator.

Read more:

It is so tasty and so good for you,
I haven't done it with garlic scapes before, so I hope it turns ok!

Here is how to make them:
1 sterilized qt. jar
garlic scapes to fill jar
3 tbsp. fresh dill
2 tbsp. sea salt
*optional: cayenne pepper

Cut the scapes into pieces a few inches long and place in jar with dill (and cayenne if using it).
Mix salt into a cup of water and pour over garlic scapes.

Fill the rest of the jar with water so that it is about 1 inch above the scapes.
Let sit out for 3 days.
After 3 days it should be bubbly, open the jar and taste the scapes.
They should be garlicky and have a subtle dill flavor.
At this time move jar into the fridge to continue the fermentation process at a slower pace.
The flavor should mellow over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately I think I may have harvested my scapes a little too late.
They might not be quite tender enough, but I am sure they will be good still!
I will let you know!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Things that make me HAPPY...

Swimming off the rocks at my favorite beach at high tide.
Creating art.
My family.
Being in a creative mood.
When people wave after you let them go when driving.
Working in my garden.
Tea made from plants that I have grown/harvested.
The smell of feathers (my bird smells like heaven!).
Going somewhere new.
Cuddling with my pups.
Fluffy clouds in beautiful blue skies.
Things that feel soft to the touch (I have a real obsession with textures).
Beautiful textiles.
The work Textile.
Being silly.

What makes you happy?
Let me know,
or blog about it and leave a comment!

Wait.. It's Friday?

My goodness, I can't believe it is friday!
I'm not kidding,
I woke up firmly believing it was thursday,
and I cannot seem to retrace where wednesday went.
(which is obviously the reason I think it is thursday!)

It is one of those confusing mornings for my head,
you know,
other thank waking up to the wrong day.

I had crazy dreams last night and not necessarily good ones.
They were the ones that make you really tired and a bit grumpy when you come back to reality,

I don't really remember them, but I do remember one where I cut my hand really badly on broken glass and needed help getting it out of my hand and no one was doing anything...
My hand was bleeding excessively and it seemed so real I guess I was talking out loud and Andy tried to wake me up, but I was really in the dream!

Wow, crazy!

Anyway, my hand is really fine, thankfully, but there was a whole lot of glass and blood in that dream.
Another was that I had a really big sale on Etsy...
Wishing that one was real and not a dream,
but maybe it is a sign of what's to come!
(just that dream though, not the bleeding hand one!)

Eeesh, what weird things to blog about.
Anyway, on to something else...
Something a little less confusing and bloody...
I am really excited because yesterday while returning something at the craft store I found these totally amazing solid watercolors sticks,
so much fun!
And they are really easy to use!
Here is an quick example of how I was playing around with them:

I also found a really great deal on a bunch of watercolor paper!
Happy me!

I am such a paper and art supplies junkie!
When I was little, I used to go to my Dad's office and raid the supply room.
It was like a mecca of legal pads, pens and pencils, and so much more!
It was literally a whole room with a ladder that you could roll around to where you needed to go!
I would hate working in an office, but that supply room was like heaven for me.

What kind of things make you happy?
What do you like to collect or like having in supply?

Wishing you a glorious day!
little owl.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me and Veda soaking up some sun after a swim

Veda giving me an unexpected smoochy while we were at the beach!
My sunglasses now have snarf marks on them, ha ha ha!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am loving this treasury thing...
Click here to take a closer look!

In Love With Linen

My first treasury!

Ok, so I finally made my first treasury on Etsy!
It was easy and fun
and I think I am addicted
which is good because I have sooooo many favorites that I can't afford
and now I have something to do with them!!!
So check it out and let me know what you think!!!