Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Part 2: Harry's Hoe Down

So the second part of last week was Harry's Hoe Down.
After a bed and a roof and kitchen and shower at the cabin,
we headed to Harry's Hill for the festival.
It was a nice drive, we passed beautiful forests, lakes and amazing skies!
I have to say, I am obsessed with clouds and Maine has some of the most amazing skies...
This weekend cloud watching was exemplary!

Anyways, I am not going to ramble as much on this post, so I will just show photos...

The Puppet Tent

Setting up my display
Tent City... This is where all the friends and crew camped out (it's behind the big tent)!

Flying Spaghetti Monster...

At the Puppet Tent

This is a friend who dressed up and impersonated another friend...
It was absolutely spot on and freaking HILARIOUS!

Frank and Ginger

Face Painting

Zara and Garcia being the cutest little bumble bees...

We had Keegan, the 5 wk. old puppy (who looked more like 8-10 wks. old) take a nap with up...
He was sooo cute! and so smart and well behaved, but boy is he going to be BIG!
His father was 260 lbs. and mom was 190 lbs.

Anyway, Zara and Baby G were all too happy to cuddle him and keep him company while he napped!

Andy under the monster mask.

Ok, that was a lot of photos... and there are many more that I will spare you from.
I might post a few video clips later, though...
Hope you enjoyed my rambling week update!

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