Monday, June 21, 2010

Part 1: A week on the road starts in China... Maine

Wow! It has been a long week on the road.
But now we are home and super tired but we get a week and a half with the "kids" (a.k.a. dogs and bird) before we are off to the next engagement...
This past week was crazy busy, but overall lots of fun!
We left Tuesday for China, ME. where we were to meet friends and spend a couple of nights at a cabin on China Lake before our school performance the next day.
Of course, we left waaaay later than I wanted to and we also got lost trying to find the place (the first of many wrong turns), but we made it and were so happy we did!
This cabin (that slept 6) was great!

I wish I thought to take pictures of the inside because it was beautiful. All new with wood pannel, a loft and 2 bedrooms!

Andy making some tea.
It was our friend, Jenn's, birthday, so her sister came along also.
We got there and they wanted to catch the Celtics game at a sports barn a couple of towns over.
I am not a sports person, but they said there was pinball so I thought, "what the heck?!?" and we decided to join them.
Sadly, there was no pinball and the Celtics lost by the way, booo!
We didn't even finish watching the game, it was that bad...
And of course, we got lost on the way home, too!
The next day was our school performance which was a CRAZY mixup from the start...
Our friends we stayed in the cabin with were also performing there as well and it seemed like everyone had a different idea of what was going on.
It was a really busy day, but we all worked together and it all worked out!
That night we really appreciated being in that lovely cabin.

Birthday salad.

(left to right) Vanessa, Jenn Bliss (birthday girl) and her boyf. Jah-Sun (Jason)

Birthday family.

Jenn's Mom came to celebrate her birthday (and brought awesome clothes for us to go through and have, I love her!) and our friend, Jason brought the biggest marshmallows I have ever seen!
MMMM! S'mores!
Oh and sparklers! SOOO FUN!!!

(I am realizing now that I should really have taken more photos!)
We really wanted to stay another day and thought we might because the next day it was raining pretty hard and it would have been a nightmare to set up for the festival (which was an hour away) in the rain.
The rain stopped though and that was our sign to get on the move to our next destination.
And that story is for tomorrow!

How was your week?