Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home from Strange Creek

Ok, we had a great weekend at Strange Creek...
I first want to start off with the fact that I have fallen head over heels, madly in love with this band:

They are freaking amazing live!
Go here and listen to the song "Came out of a Lady"
AWESOME and totally hype dance music!
Ok, so that's that...

Next, the festival...

Strange Creek was great, we had beautiful, if not hot, whether,
but it was nice because there was a pool (I did not go in) and a stream (I adored) to cool off in.
The campground was beautiful and it was PACKED!!!
There were tents everywhere and anywhere possible.
We got there later than we planned and had to grab the first available spot for the puppet tent,
but after we were all set up and relaxing for a moment the people next to us tried to pull some bullshit about us being there...
Basically they wanted as much space as possible and didn't want to share and were being crabby and selfish.
Luckily that resolved itself for the most part and we didn't have to move, which would have been a huge pain in the ass with so much stuff!
(like the big tent and all the puppets and gear and whatnot...)
I set up my shop kind of in the front, but I need to make a sigh because I don't think people really knew it was a shop.
It is so hard to help coordinate puppets and run the shop at the same time.
I did make a little money, though not as much as I would have liked or needed,
but some which I am thankful for!

Anyways, there were a bunch of our friends that came and have fun with us.
Some of them we haven't seen in a while,
like last year,
so it was really great to see them!!!
I wish I had my own camera, but I forgot mine and my phone was dying so I had to rely on friends for their photos...
Here are our friends Jimmy and Amelia outside the tent...

The green man

Cooling off in the river

Che and Katie at the river

Katie with Frank the puppet

One of the things we were hired to do was the new little puppet show "Flora and the Magic Seeds" which basically was rained out because 3/4 of the way through it started to rain.
We tried again inside, but were interrupted by a crazy lady (literally) who said there was a huge storm coming and we had to go into the main cabin immediately,
then she proceeded to flick the lights a bunch and yelled "NOW!" and ran off with some of the audience in tow...
So that didn't quite work out as planned, but Andy and the guys helping stayed to play with the kids and make up songs about skittles and peanut butter cup icecream...
I think they enjoyed it.

So now we are home and temporarily switching gears for the little festival we are doing locally this weekend.
I'll tell ya, it sure is hard to go from preparation for a festival to being at one and working your ass off and having a good time to being back home and going back in to prep mode...
That is where I am at now, trying to make some more things to sell this weekend.
Hopefully it doesn't get rained out!

And that was my weekend.
How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun???

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