Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It is a balance thing...


The Solstice is upon us.
That day where light and dark are split.
It is a balance thing...

It is the end of one cycles and the beginning of a new year. And as the days get longer leading up to this pinnacle, there is calm and excitement sharing the same space. What are you ready to leave behind as the moon suns herself in your presence? What are your goals, hopes, dreams for the days as the sun lingers longer? Time to hunker down, look inward and form the ideas of what is to manifest for the future. Time to plant the seeds.


{{The above tapestry honors the light + dark, the sun + moon, the day + night. Hand dyed with indigo with shibori patterning. Made with love and intention.}}


Friday, December 5, 2014

Solstice glow approaching

Every day grows a little shorter. The deep night's darkness lingers longer in the mornings and falls heavier and swifter come late afternoon's twilight. These are the times of hibernation, of restoration. Of quiet and insight. I can't help but feel a spark of magic when gazing out on that oblique and golden burnished glow stretching across the land in front of me. I always feel a little joyous and comforted, like I am the one being wrapped in that savory incandescence.

In the stillness leaves crunch and twigs snap as I take each step. Each step is precious contact with the sleepy ground, rising and heaving in places where there is moisture and the cold air hits. It is a combination of folklore and science, this sacred time of year. And as the air thickens, what would normally be rain crystalizes and turns white. I can feel my senses heighten and my thoughts turn inward. I already have my thermos stashed in one of the water bottle pockets in my pack. It is filled with ginger tea that I spent an hour simmering, then mixed with honey. To keep the fire in my soul aflame. I will find a spot to sit and enjoy this simple, soul warming libation.

And it is simple things like this that stir me. They gently nudge me awake and give me bright inspiration for the day. No matter the day, I am ready for the Solstice. I am ready for the dawn of that short day that signifies the end of one years cycles and begins the excitement of what is to come. Each dawning of a new day, each evening as that Solstice glow approaches. An infinite cycles continues on.

Until then, I will sit out in the fresh air, and think and smile and breathe. I will feel the deep slow inhale as my heartbeat slows and steadies itself, then exhale, watching a steamy cloud of hot breath reach out into the world. One more way to connect me. I will enjoy the four-legged (and one 3-legged) beasts sprinting around me playing, sniffing, exploring the scene before settling down nearby to demolish a stick or just sit by me and observe the world around. I appreciate their closeness, their bond with me and mine with them. This is our sacred space. Maybe our spot is out on top of the hill, above the treeline, on top of a giant boulder left behind from a glacier's travels to the sea. Maybe it is sitting on a fallen tree across marshy land or along the swamp trail that winds its way through a magical place that shows a fine balance between life and death and how one is nothing without the other.
These are the places where I sit and ponder and learn.
About the environment around me,
About the earth.
About connection.
About myself.

There is joy in this simplicity.

I always have my camera and sketchbook in my pack. Always. But sometimes there are just moments that I swear a for me only. I am alone in the time and space, like natures gift to me.
It is so good. I am humbled and honored.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Little Owl Gift Guide (Part 1?)

So. I thought I would share some of the things I have on my wish list, or think would make a great gift. Most of which are from my favorite shops or local or small businesses!


This hat.... Or this one... Or this neck warmer. I wonder if the hats would fit over my hair?!?
(This is a great small company based in VT and they even offer the option of donating a hat to cancer patients with ever hat you buy, called the +1 program)

This body butter, which I actually just ordered because I couldn't wait, so I guess it doesn't make the "wish list" anymore. It is seasonal, so get it while you can! Oh, and this one sounds AMAZING as well!

This amazing sounding mind + body + spirit mist.

This bath soak, which reeeeally makes me miss having a bathtub. 
I must admit, I am an addict when it comes to her body herbals. I faithfully love this body butter and am currently using this facial serum and eye elixir.

I have my eye on this little e-course. But she also makes so many beautiful herbals that I covet! Such as this tea and this elixir (which is sold out! Eek!)...

I would take pretty much anything from this totally rad shop. Right now I have my eye on this dress and this skirt. Her clothes all look comfortable and beautiful. A little bohemian, a little nomadic.. For the gypsy at heart! Also, her dyes and fabrics have high sustainability standards!

This is one of my favorite teas, especially with coconut milk. But this also sounds amazing!!!

I have long coveted the amazing scarves in this shop. With amazing designs and rich colors, many of which are from plants and printed in india using techniques that are hundreds of years old, I would take any one of them! (But if I had to choose, I would adore and cherish this one or this one.)

I adore this skirt, in this color! (How cute would it look with my Redwood Tree leggings?!?)

These boots looks so amazing! I love the pop of color!!!

I drink her Green Morning tea every morning (and use her "deo for the b.o." and fire cider... Oh, and her Beet Red Lip Balm)

I drink tea every day (see above). I would be so happy to take it to go in this cedar travel mug! They are so beautiful!!!

I love her shop! And I have these. But I really love this!

Oh, yeah. These. From this super talented lady!

Another talented lady whose work I daydream about. Like this ring.

Can't forget these that I have been crushing on. Or this that is swoony (wish is was my size though)!


This list could go on forever, but I thought I would share a few of my very faves at the moment! May have to do a Part 2 post soon.

Have your eye on anything good? Feel free to share!!!

Back in the wildness of amber Autumn hues...

...And crazy beasts + wildflower skeletons...