Thursday, January 30, 2014


I wanted something super bulky and slouchy... And with a pompom.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Did I mention that I have put the hoodies on sale?
I did.
If you are interested, head on over to the sale section of my shop for more details and ordering.
(There are a few other baubles in there as well)
FYI: There are only 1 left in some of the sizes...

Sale will run through the end of the month, so only a few days left!

p.s. These are UNISEX hoodies, so even though my hunky guy is modeling, they are perfectly fit for women as well. Just make sure to take a look at the sizing chart!



-I am daydreaming about our future lives in Maine.

-I am grateful for the love of the sweetest and funniest man I know.

Also today:

-I will snuggle all the animals as hard as I can.

-I will drink endless cups of tea, but will also try to match it with cups of water.
(I have been so bad at that lately!)

-I will smile for no reason... Or maybe there will be a silent reason, who knows.

-I will appreciate the sunshine, especially how it filters beautifully through green leaves in the windows.

-I will not worry so much about what I haven't gotten done and focus on what I have.

-I will read, sketch and knit.

What will you do today?


Monday, January 27, 2014


...So, I have been feeling a bit unmotivated lately.
I don't know about you, but I find that when I stop or pause (for any length of time) from the creative process, there is a whole separate process that ensues when trying to delve back into the very core of creating.

This is where I am stuck. I am stuck here.

It isn't always as simple as sit down, get out supplies and go. It takes time, it takes thought, inspiration, movement, emotion, etc., and then maybe, finally I can get down to the actual thing: making, creating.
Sure, I could just make stuff, but to really get the "real deal" out of it I can't just throw my understanding of this process aside, muse has her own mind made up about how she wants to share her goods.

It is the core I am trying to get to, you see. The raw, unhindered core. Like when I was a child.
There is so much thought involved in adult creativity. Deep thought, surface thought, worries and doubts. I find I have to sift through a lot of that muck to get myself to a place where I feel free enough to really pull out what I am trying to share with the external world around me.

This is what I have come to understand through the years of my life and years of creating. Maybe it is only me.... Maybe others are less inhibited in this field and I just need to work on letting go of control a little bit. I want to find balance.

So my goal is to accomplish one creative thing a day. Even if that is just doing a little sketch, knitting a few rows on a current project or making an actual decision on what design I want to make into a screen for printing next... I grapple with indecision.

So for now I guess I will be focusing on what just makes me happy and sharing the beauty I see.



(Playing around with trying to relearn the manual settings on my new camera...)

New hat on the needles.
Making it up as I go.
Yarn: Flat Rocks- Super bulky
I have visions of a tall and slouchy hat, accented with a pompom maybe...

Posey Pi: Of feathers and things

My feathered friend and supervisor when in the studio.
I missed her last week while we were gone!
It was so cold out we couldn't pick her up for 4 days after we got home,
I missed the feel and smell (yes, smell) of her feathers...
My little sidekick.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


My workspace is a disaster right now and I have been procrastinating the inevitable like a pro...
Not only does it need general tidying up, but it needs reorganization and maybe even some rearranging.
I have discovered that I am really good at out-growing space.
Let's call it a gift, shall we?
Anyway, I have been driving myself nuts and am thinking of doing a total studio overhaul...
I seem to be lacking the motivation at present, however.
I know one of these days though inspiration will strike and by the end of the day (or maybe week) it will be like a whole new room!
Organization is a difficult and ongoing task in a studio or workspace and just when I think the shelf or tote, or another shelf that I add will make all the difference, I realize that I just need more...
And don't even get me started on table space!

Do you have a work space? How do you keep it organized?

I like to say that I have "organized chaos". In reality it is just piles of stuff (papers mostly... Paper is an infuriating part of becoming an adult I have found, they just keep coming in the mail and everything you do requires more. 30 is paper-ridden, I have found, and I say enough!). I do so many different things, work in different mediums, and don't plan of changing that- only adding more when inspired- that it is hard to have the required space or to be creative enough to make it all work and be conveniently accessible.
I love working. I love learning. I always want these to go hand in hand.

So space...
...Oy vey!


Aside from above rant, this past week was my 30th Birthday.
What a strange week it has been. I can't really explain it, but has just been strange.
Last night my mom threw me a surprise party, which was so sweet and fantastic!
I had no idea and was so confused and overwhelmed, it was pure magic!
(Thanks Mom!)
I am trying to take this time and age and really think about what I want, where I want things to go and use it to manifest. Manifest what I want, where I want to be, who I want to be around... I feel like I am a bit late on this, but then again I tend to feel a bit like a late bloomer with things in general anyway.