Sunday, January 26, 2014


My workspace is a disaster right now and I have been procrastinating the inevitable like a pro...
Not only does it need general tidying up, but it needs reorganization and maybe even some rearranging.
I have discovered that I am really good at out-growing space.
Let's call it a gift, shall we?
Anyway, I have been driving myself nuts and am thinking of doing a total studio overhaul...
I seem to be lacking the motivation at present, however.
I know one of these days though inspiration will strike and by the end of the day (or maybe week) it will be like a whole new room!
Organization is a difficult and ongoing task in a studio or workspace and just when I think the shelf or tote, or another shelf that I add will make all the difference, I realize that I just need more...
And don't even get me started on table space!

Do you have a work space? How do you keep it organized?

I like to say that I have "organized chaos". In reality it is just piles of stuff (papers mostly... Paper is an infuriating part of becoming an adult I have found, they just keep coming in the mail and everything you do requires more. 30 is paper-ridden, I have found, and I say enough!). I do so many different things, work in different mediums, and don't plan of changing that- only adding more when inspired- that it is hard to have the required space or to be creative enough to make it all work and be conveniently accessible.
I love working. I love learning. I always want these to go hand in hand.

So space...
...Oy vey!


Aside from above rant, this past week was my 30th Birthday.
What a strange week it has been. I can't really explain it, but has just been strange.
Last night my mom threw me a surprise party, which was so sweet and fantastic!
I had no idea and was so confused and overwhelmed, it was pure magic!
(Thanks Mom!)
I am trying to take this time and age and really think about what I want, where I want things to go and use it to manifest. Manifest what I want, where I want to be, who I want to be around... I feel like I am a bit late on this, but then again I tend to feel a bit like a late bloomer with things in general anyway.


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  1. Big ugly metal file cabinet. A real one. 3 drawers and boxes of Pendaflex (NOT Staples brand) hanging files. You'll never look back and will always be able to find papers. I have 2 drawers for life and bills and taxes and one (the best) for art and business related to it, like stuff ordered, museum flyers, stuff cut out for inspiration.... best of luck on reorganization project. It's hell but so worth it in the end.