Monday, January 31, 2011

A little sweetness for your night.

Don't you just want to cuddles all of these faces?
They are so cute I want to smoosh and love them!
Have a nice night.
Sweet dreams!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mineral love

Have you seen this tumblr?
Every stone they post makes me swoon.
Here are some of my favorites:

Tanzanite from Tanzania
Fluorapophyllite from India
Smoky Quartz from Namibia
Fluorapophyllite from India
Elbaite with Quartz and Lepidolite on Cleavelandite from Brazil
Amethyst from Namibia
ffyeahcrystals:  Black Tibetan Quartz
Emerald with Calcite
The list could keep going.
Really, you should just go and look at all the mineral beauty!
Oh, and here is another that I love from my tumblr archive:


Just a little recap of a few things you may find in my etsy shop:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nature Series: Part 2 Veda and Coal

Nature Series, Part 1:

Snow Hopping with Veda and Coal


I LOVE Snoopy.
I feel very connected to this character because my dog, Veda, is like the female version (we call her Snoopette)...
And Poesy (my parrot) is like woodstock!

Some Favorites to Share.


SALE - Ryan - Hand Spun Hand-dyed Yarn

Mini Ceramic Mushrooms for terrarium or planter - Set of 3

Blue Slouchy Hat


ORIGINAL Nest watercolor painting

Sauniq - tiny tattooed bone necklace

So many wonderful things!
So many inspiring artists!
Hope you enjoyed my list and have a lovely day!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Some wonderful photos from tumbr.

“You were given life;
it is your duty to find something beautiful within life,
no matter how slight.”

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Jumping Fox and The House Wife

I am a bit tired right now, but in a good way.
I spent a good chunk of time and energy shoveling snow this morning.
I haven't shoveled snow yet this year because the Mr. always gets to it first.
I kind of like shoveling snow though, it is a great work out especially because we have to shovel a "racetrack" for the dogs.
Then I had a lot of cleaning to do with Miss Poesy's play area and I had to go out and feed the birds, make sure the stove is stoked and remember to eat lunch.
I also have been working on things in between chores,
a little crochet here a little felting there, as well as some computer time too...
I am a bit of an obsessive multi-tasker.

Anyway, I am settling down to work on more things at this time and as I was checking my tumblr I found this quote which I quite like:

…What a traditional woman did that made her home warm and alive was not dusting and laundry…Her real secret was that she identified herself with her home…her affection was in the soft sofa cushions, clean linens, and good meals; her memory in well-stocked storeroom cabinets and the pantry; her intelligence in the order and healthfulness of her home; her good humor in its light and air. She lived her life not only through her own body but through the house as an extension of her body; part of her relation to those she loved was embodied in the physical medium of the home she made.
Cheryl Mendelson’s Home Comforts, Chapter One

I think it is a noble profession to be a house keeper (or house wife).
It is a job that requires skill and grace and organization and planning.
And it is something to be proud of.
I hope you are all enjoying the afternoon,
I am in search of my snow shoes because I feel it might be a little too deep for just regular boots in the woods.
I love the snow!
Do you like the snow?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

I was surprised and excited the other day to learn that Helen from Serendipity Child had chosen my blog as one of the blogs to award the Stylish Blogger Award to.
What an honor, I have never had an award given to me before!

As a receiver of this prestigious award I have several responsibilities:

1. Thank and link back to the person to gave me this award,
2. Share 7 things about yourself,
3. Award 15 Bloggers,
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

So first off, here are 7 things about me.

1. I love animals. Like a lot. I couldn't imagine a life without some sort of feathered or furry companion. Sometimes I like them more than people- sorry but that is the truth.

2. My Grandfather (who was called Grumpy) used to make little cartoons of me when I was young. He always said my mom gave birth to a puppy and he would draw me with a tail.

3. In relation to fact #2, my Grumpy also used to tell me that all dogs had a zipper on the back of their neck so that they could take off their fur suit to bring it to the cleaners. I still sort of think this is true (and if you have ever met my dog, Veda, you wouldn't put anything past her!).
...I also used to believer that he really swallowed the dice from when he would do the trick where he pretended to make disappear and reappear.

4. I love candy. Especially sour patch kids and gummy candy.
And I love cake.

5. I get really attached to things, its like everything has sentimental value so it is hard for me to just "get rid of" things. I like to know that they have a place to go.

6. I don't like sleeping in. It makes me feel like I have wasted the day. I like to get up before 8 a.m., plus I like the quiet of the morning.

7. I love winter. I am a true New Englander, the more snow the better! I just wish that I could afford to snowboard like I used to. But still, I love walking out in the woods with the fresh, clean and quiet white blanket. I also like being hunkered down and hibernating for a time.

Ok, now for the 15 Bloggers that I am passing this award on to:

These are blogs that I follow and read most frequently or that are most inspiring to me.

Make sure you check out all of these wonderful people!

Thank you to Helen (Serendipity Child)!

I hope you are all enjoying this snowy weather, or if you are somewhere there isn't snow, I hope you are having a lovely day!

Family Photo

Another follewer!!!
I am almost at 50...
Maybe I will do a special giveaway here at 50 followers.
Until then, make sure you check out the giveaway over at Dinosaur Toes!
Danielle is offering one of my original watercolors.
And you can get your own print in my etsy shop.

Now, on a separate note.
I have to share this picture of my sister from when she was little.
How freakin' cute was she?!?

So was always semi naked...
And when she wasn't semi naked, she was usually wearing her tutu since she wanted to be a ballerina!
Anyway, she just posted this photo as her profile pic on facebook and I almost died when I saw it!
Do you have siblings?
Any funny memories or pictures?
Tell me about it!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I have posted a few new things in Le Shop.
So take a look,
tell your friends.

An Equestrian Wish

I have realized that I am a total girl when it comes to clothing.
That means that I have A LOT of clothes!
I am lucky that I have a mom and sister (and even nana) that have great taste and know what I like.
Not to mention a few good thrift and consignment shops around here...

I have been trying to stick with the motto
"if I am gifted or buy new clothes, I have to get rid of something"
and although it is difficult I have been doing a pretty good job of it!

I am excited, however, for the new outfit I was given for my birthday,
which I will try to take photos of and post tomorrow,
and the super awesome thrifty deal I got the other day on a bag load of clothes
(which included some awesome striped things... and we all know how much I love stripes!)

So, sometimes there are things that I just love and search for in my thrifting journeys.
Right now one of those searches includes a kick ass pair of equestrian riding boots.
Boots like these


I am actually in love with the whole outfit...
I would love to find a nice pair of super comfy riding boots,
preferably like these ones.
I would also like to find them on the cheap.
I wonder if this is possible?

Ok, well enought of my boring ramble about clothing...
Hope you all are warm and cozy,
it is absolutely FREEZING around these parts.
We are supposed to get 2 feet of snow tomorrow.
I hope it is light fluffy snow,
not that heavy stuff that breaks trees and bushes...
Have a beautiful day my lovelies!

Images from my Morning

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Wishlist

Today is my Birthday,
so in line with that here is a wishlist of things that I would LOVE to have~!

I pretty much love this whole outfit!

Gallo - Riding Jacket (unlined)

and this skirt!
Pearl Stripe Wool Jersey Mini Skirt-Limited Edition

Almost anything from here
Woolen Pocket Jumper

this dress...

Custom Purple Floral Spring to Fall Dress with Gold Obi Belt

of course one of these babies...

and these bangles


EVERYTHING from here, but especially this

toasty tree spirit

I love this outfit

...and this outfit!

also, earrings from here

ok, so I will stop now.
I had a lovely day today with Andy,
but I am tired and will post about it tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great night!