Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Photo

Another follewer!!!
I am almost at 50...
Maybe I will do a special giveaway here at 50 followers.
Until then, make sure you check out the giveaway over at Dinosaur Toes!
Danielle is offering one of my original watercolors.
And you can get your own print in my etsy shop.

Now, on a separate note.
I have to share this picture of my sister from when she was little.
How freakin' cute was she?!?

So was always semi naked...
And when she wasn't semi naked, she was usually wearing her tutu since she wanted to be a ballerina!
Anyway, she just posted this photo as her profile pic on facebook and I almost died when I saw it!
Do you have siblings?
Any funny memories or pictures?
Tell me about it!


  1. That photo is great!
    And I'd be all for having a puppy instead of a baby unless I had to have a litter, then I'd definitely deal with the stress of a baby.

  2. time flies so fast. first, we reminisce the time when we were kids. now , i love to recollect the times when my kids were toddlers.

    i miss my siblings. :( 1 sister and a brother + the mom is 6 hours by plane away. other sis is 24 hrs by plane away. dad is just a prayer away.