Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time flies... New banner!

Where has time gone!?!
I had 3 birthdays to celebrate this week,
I have been trying to find a place to bring my watercolors for printing.
(which is something I am finally acting on after a couple years of saying I am going to)

I have been working on more paintings,
spinning yarn,
carding wool in preparation for felted owls,
and today Andy's sister and nephews came by for the day!
And now I am trying to organize my brain for teaching a homeschooling class about fiber art.

Of course, tomorrow being Sunday,
the places in town that I wanted to get to today (but didn't)
won't be open... Errr, frustrating.

Anyhoo, I changed my banner.
What do you think?
Here is before

and after:

I think I like it, but I am sure in a week or a month I will be bored with it.
Damn my over (self) critical mind!

Hope you all have a super rad night!
~little owlie~


  1. Nice and an excellent way to start the New Year!
    I changed my entire blog look ;)

    I'm so excited to be your partner in the " A whole New You Swap" ;) I will be sending you an email soon to introduce myself more ;)

    Hope your having a great weekend ;)

  2. oooh!

    i LOVE the after look. i feel like it's more "you" :).