Monday, January 24, 2011

An Equestrian Wish

I have realized that I am a total girl when it comes to clothing.
That means that I have A LOT of clothes!
I am lucky that I have a mom and sister (and even nana) that have great taste and know what I like.
Not to mention a few good thrift and consignment shops around here...

I have been trying to stick with the motto
"if I am gifted or buy new clothes, I have to get rid of something"
and although it is difficult I have been doing a pretty good job of it!

I am excited, however, for the new outfit I was given for my birthday,
which I will try to take photos of and post tomorrow,
and the super awesome thrifty deal I got the other day on a bag load of clothes
(which included some awesome striped things... and we all know how much I love stripes!)

So, sometimes there are things that I just love and search for in my thrifting journeys.
Right now one of those searches includes a kick ass pair of equestrian riding boots.
Boots like these


I am actually in love with the whole outfit...
I would love to find a nice pair of super comfy riding boots,
preferably like these ones.
I would also like to find them on the cheap.
I wonder if this is possible?

Ok, well enought of my boring ramble about clothing...
Hope you all are warm and cozy,
it is absolutely FREEZING around these parts.
We are supposed to get 2 feet of snow tomorrow.
I hope it is light fluffy snow,
not that heavy stuff that breaks trees and bushes...
Have a beautiful day my lovelies!


  1. i think that outfit just made my heart skip a beat. i love striped too when they're layered under something, like a cardigan or jacket like she's wearing. and, boots are my favorite accessory all year long!

  2. I have passed on 'The stylish blog' award to you, details are on my latest post.