Monday, January 10, 2011

Got the crazies... new FAVORITES~!

Today is one of those days where my adrenalin seems to be on high.
It is 9 a.m. and already the day has been insane.
It is making me feel a wee bit crazy.

Anyway, I have a lot going one in bits and pieces,
(ever have that, where no project really seems full enough to put into words?)
and since my ADD has kicked in today,
I thought I would just share more of my etsy faves.

I am a huge fan of bells, especially little ones.
We have them all around the house.
I love these little bells.

sale trumpet flower bell  multicolor

To anyone who knows me,
I have a slight addiction to clothing.
I dress according to my mood, therefore the textile that adorns my body is very important, indeed!
I love the clothing from this shop!!!

Hooded Riva Dress

I love crystals and stones.
I am always picking up rocks and have since I was little.
I especially love heart shaped rocks and find them all over!
Sadly, anytime I am buying beads and crystals I always pick up the most expensive ones.
Sometimes it is hard having such good taste...
I love green tourmaline and this piece is gorgeous!

Cleansed. Emerald Green and Forest Green Himalaya Tourmaline California. Gemmy. 64 grams. Free Shipping.

As a fiber artist, I have a love for little felted creatures.
Especially ones that represent the fiber I work so closely with!
This little sheep is so cute!

Little white sheep- custom wool animal

I went to school to study plants as medicine.
So I am a big fan of botanical drawings and art.
I love the colors in this and I love that it shows both inside and out of the plant!

Inside out -  Original Botanical Painting mixed media 8x10 wrapped canvas

I hope you enjoyed these favorites.
They are all talented artist in their medium, so check out the rest of their shops.

I hope you all have a great day,
and I hope that my day gets a little calmer!


  1. Yay! Nice things to see and start the day with!!!

  2. I like this post, really interesting, I would love to see your clothes choices.

  3. very beautiful choices! I love that little lamb!
    Thank you for including my dress too!

  4. Lovely little collection ! The bells are wonderful , Thank you for including my painting