Monday, January 3, 2011

A weekend in Nature

Saturday was so beautiful,
it was sunny and almost 60 degrees!
I decided to take Veda on a nice walk in the woods.

I was planning on a certain path that I really like walking,
but there were people ahead of me and I didn't want to feel like I was following them,
so I decided to go another way...
Which lead to somewhere else,
and somewhere else...
I wasn't lost,
just exploring.
I like to explore.

I usually start a little at a time so that I know the area and don't get myself lost.
I found a little brook
and some red berries
and someone else's footprints.
So I followed those around for a bit.
they didn't go anywhere really, though.

Sunday was not as warm,
it was really foggy though.

I love the fog.
It was like the whole day was a dream!

What kind of weather is your favorite?


  1. Hello; Linked here from Tumblr. (I'm The Loving Path.)

    I love fog too. Such a mystical quality to it. I think my favourite weather would have to be brutally cold winter days (common here in SW Ontario) with a blue sky and a shining sun. I could walk for hours on these days.

    Nice to have found you; you stuff is gorgeous!


  2. Thank you Debbie! I love your tumblr and your blog!