Friday, January 7, 2011


(Jacob taking a nap)

Today is Andy's Birthday.
I painted him a small picture of nature things and
I took him out to lunch at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants
(we love the bento box lunches there).
I of course forgot to take photos, so maybe I will take a photo of the painting tomorrow...
Anyway, here are some cute photos from yesterday.

Poesy loves rosemary (of which we have many)
so I clipped her a branch and she went to town dismantling it.
Good bird!

It is such a great plant for the respiratory system and seeing as birds have sensitive respiratories it is a great thing for her to snack on!

Veda's beard is getting a bit unruly!
I think it is time for one of the (maybe) 4 baths/haircuts she gets a year...

We still have our tree up.
traditionally it stays up until around february.
I LOVE having a tree in the house,
it smells so good!
I wish it didn't cost so much to have a live one each year and then plant it,
so until I have an excess of cash I will honor the cut ones we get each year.

Hope you have a nice night!

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