Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I would really like to share about something that I did, made or saw today,
but since I spent most of the day blowing my nose,
I have nothing to talk about or share pictures of.
(Oh, I am sure I could think of SOMETHING, but that doesn't mean it is interesting or that my brain is working correctly to remember...)
So instead I think I will just share a few photos that I really like and are inspiring me today from my tumblr archive!

liquidnight:  Edgar Thissen A Portrait, 2010 [via My Modern Metropolis]

animalworld:  Stag in Fog

aresohappy:  fanciful feather collection no. 3 (by Golly Bard)

aartpixie:  DSC_0372 (by Kurt Fleisch)

If you can be in any art,
music, painting, sculpture, dance,
if any art can grip on your being,
thats the best way to pray,
the best way to meditate.

1 comment:

  1. that fox is gorgeous. i haven't seen one in years, aside from some that have been hit (sorry to be a debbie downer), but i've always really loved them. they're so beautiful.

    i hope you're starting to feel better, aside from the whole chain smoker voice thing!