Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Mu

*Warning: lots of cute pictures!

We went out for a mattress and came home with a puppy.

Meet Mu.
Her full title is Bessie Mu Snugs (doesn't she sound like a famous country singer?!)
A real lady all the way from Alabama and covered in spots like a Jersey cow.

We didn't even make it to the highway!
I just wanted to point out a dog (online) to Nate that I thought we both might like and would be good to protect livestock and chickens one day when we have our farm...
-I know, I know, getting a bit ahead of myself-
Anyway, it was said to be a Great Pyreneese mix (it most definitely was NOT), but there was no picture on the listing. And this is technically where it is Nate's fault that we got a puppy. He's the one who suggested we go look at it since the shelter was on the way to the highway.

We went, we saw and we realized this dog we initially went to see most definitely was not the right dog for us as. At first glance and she was more like a hyper, barky husky (and she was already taken by the time we got there, anyway).
So since we were already there, of course we looked at all the other dogs.
This is how we saw Mu.

It really was love at first sight. And after meeting her, then meeting a few other dogs, meeting her again, then a few more dogs, I decided that I was serious about her and we met with her one more time before we both admitted that we just had to bring her home.
She got us from the start, we were immediately drawn to her beautiful eyes and her freckled piglet belly. Plus when we sat down with her she came right over and crawled into our laps, curled up and made herself at home.

Best decision ever.
Best 'mattress' ever (hahaha!)

She is so well behaved, gets along with all the animals already in the house where we live, already has learned 'sit', and pretty much has 'come' and 'back up'. She is mostly house broken and hardly makes noise (so far)! Pretty impressive for 4 months, I'd say! Her info suggested that she is a pointer/retriever mix, but we think she definitely has some pit in her, too.

I think that Star is happy to have her around, too (Star just turned a year and came from the same shelter when she was 2 months old). I think she thinks we got HER a puppy! All she wants to do is play.

Veda doesn't really care, as long as she doesn't jump on her, eat her food or steal too much attention away from her, she is good. Although, I did catch her joining in on the fun this weekend when they were running around the yard. It was hilarious, I think she feels compelled to run with them sometimes as if she has no control over what she is doing, then she comes to and is 'over it'! Silly lady, I am thankful that she is a fairly young 11 years old though!


As you have probably guessed, I have been a bit distracted.
But I have been trying to work on things, I promise. It is slow, but it is going...

So, how was your weekend?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A few things

A few things to share with you:

1. I have a bunch of new crocheted crystals in THE SHOP.
I have to admit, they are pretty rad. I am loving how the indigo dyed thread looks on the stones, especially the amethyst! Let me know what you think about them.
(And as I am sure you have noticed, you can also see the most recently posted pieces over in the upper part of the column to the right -->)

2. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I am on Instagram... Are you?
You can find and follow me there, if you like: Littleowlarts

3. My goal this year is to work more on my Etsy shop and focus more on selling through there. It would be great to spend less on gas going from show to show (although, there are a bunch that I will still be doing, of course), as well as better for the environment. Not to mention that I like being able to spend the majority of my time working on new things. So I have been looking around at all the new- to me at least- things that etsy has to offer to help in this department.
One of which is an about page.
HERE is mine.
This is also something I would love your opinion on!

I LOVE hearing from all of you! So don't be shy, friends!
Tell me about yourself, about what YOU like, about what you think about what I have been working on, what you think of pricing or photos (which I have a long way to go with), or of things in general...
This is part of what inspires me!

Little Owl

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crystal Love + Indigo

Quartz + Indigo

Amethyst + Indigo

A couple of newbies in THE SHOP.
I am IN LOVE with these!

I have some more that require photographing and then those, too, will make an appearance.
I have gone back to adding a little detail to the chain, thought I would change it up a bit. As much as I love the plain chains, I think this is a nice way to add character and contrast to each piece. Of course there will be some with plain chain as well. I am loving the new thread that I dipped in the indigo bath (which was revived over a week ago and still seems to be going strong, wahhoooo!).


Today is cold and raw and although I would love to set up shop outside and paint or craft while laying in the sun, I am ok with a rainy day like today also.
I need the stillness, the quiet, the grounding.
(I just wish I could keep myself warm, it is rather raw out!)

We got the seeds planted in the garden this past weekend and I am already eager to see everything poking up through the earth! I am feeling super impatient about this. Plus, I feel awfully behind and on more than just the garden...

I feel rather behind on work as well.
But then again, I am easily overwhelmed. It is easy to get off track, to get overwhelmed by everyday things. My brain seems to have it out for me some days. So my solution is to stop, take a metaphorical step back, breathe, and then just focus on one thing at a time, no matter how large or small. I am trying to make at least one thing a day, although that can be difficult on any random given day. I am trying to troubleshoot making my paintings/drawings into cards from home, a project that has become way more in depth than I anticipated. But I am deeply in love with Indigo lately and am pleased as punch to see how beautiful it looks wrapped around crystals and stones.
It is funny how one little shift can open up a whole new creative world and redirect you to revisit or to a new creative path!


So, what have you been keeping yourself busy with?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Amethyst for Happiness

This stone makes me feel completely blissful.
And I want to share it with you!
Amethyst for happiness!

I am finally getting it together and putting some new crocheted crystals in the shop.
Find this one HERE.

Oh yeah, one more thing...
Happy Earth Day!
I will be offering 15% today using the coupon code MAMAEARTH.
Just enter it in at checkout, easy peasy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


New crocheted stones being made
and a memento from a walk on a sunny day.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cat naps in the great sunshine

So I guess today I am all about being a cat. I must be channeling some feline energy.
I have a very active mind, which, unfortunately for me tends to be active somewhere around 3 in the morning. Apparently my brain wants to be nocturnal when my body does not. I also don't really sleep in. combine that with being over-tired and you have a 5 year old, am I right? At least that's how it feels to me in terms of dealing with life when I haven't slept enough.
So, today being beautifully balmy and sunny, I decided to take a hint from what now seems to be our new outdoor kitty (she chose us, for now at least). I brought my yoga mat out onto the deck, accompanied by a book, sketchbook, pens and watercolors and decided to just sit in the sun and rotate reading, painting and sun napping this afternoon. It has been the most blissful idea I have had all week.
And look who showed up all ready to chat and snuggle!

Friday, April 12, 2013



I just want to bury my face in that fluff.
And look at those sweet pinky ears!!!

I am missing a bunny in my life.
I do believe that the rabbit is one of my spirit animals,
I have always felt connected and had a love for them.

What animals do you relate to/feel connected to?

A dreary day, indeed!

It is rather dreary out today.
I have been trying to get myself motivated (you know, other than taking an all day nap). I would love to go for a long trek through the woods, but Miss Veda hasn't been feeling well on account of the fact that Lyme is a nasty thing for a puppers to have. So maybe a small adventure around the block (I am very lucky to live right by the ocean so it is still a nice little trek, reguardless), but it is so icky and windy so we will see...

I have a few project to be working on. I have decided that I want to print my art cards at home so I have been playing around with that. I upgraded my printer and invested in a tablet-y thing called Bamboo.
So fun to edit using this thing, and you use a pen so it is like when I am drawing on paper. A very good thing for someone like me! Now I just have to teach myself how to configure the images and text so that it all prints nicely.
Oh technology!
Here is a little sample, not too shabby, eh?
(I now need a paper cutter as well, yeesh!)

The paper isn't super fantastic, being that it is a mock up, but it ain't half bad if I do say so myself.

We ended up getting manure for the garden yesterday (WOOHOO!!!). Now we just need to figure out how to deter a certain puppy who thinks it is a great snack... YUCK!
I am eager to really get out there and start planting seeds. Things are definitely poking their heads up through the dirt, buds on trees and bushes are getting bigger and turning neon green and some flowers are even blooming!

It looks like we may also have ourselves a permanent outdoor kitty. I still haven't figured if she belongs to anyone, but I think she may be a stray because she is ALWAYS here now. We have taken to feeding her a bit. She is very sweet and very cute, but I am worried about bringing Posey Bird out when it is nice out. I don't want her to become a toy or meal, but I want her to be able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine as per usual in the warmer seasons...
Safety first!

I guess I should get back to it. I have been avoiding doing my stretching/exercises, I don't know why since I always feel so much better after. Oh the life of a procrastinator...
It is almost noon and I don't feel like I've accomplished enough so far today to be satisfied.
Maybe I should write a list. I always feel like I have gotten so much more done when I have things to actually, physically cross off.

(Clearly my post is a wee bit ADD today, can I blame my Macafe- maca tea? ZINGGG!!!)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Traumerei... Daydreaming

A few crystals waiting to be finished and made into necklaces.
I am hoping to have them in the shop this weekend.

In other news:

We are getting the garden ready (a little late, oops).
Finally got a fence up, hopefully it will be puppy-proof.
Hoping to put the seeds we have in the ground, but we may have to wait a little longer for the manure we scored to compost a little more first. This should also be a good way to test the fence since I am sure puppy would LOVE to eat said poop. (Already had to chase her out, guess we need a real door) YUCK!

I am daydreaming about getting chickens.
Well all sorts of different animals really, but starting with chickens.
Not sure if it is gonna happen this year, though. (*frowning*)
This is hilarious, however.

We am hoping to take a trip to Maine this month to start looking for where we want to be.
You know, other than just dreaming about where we 'think' we want to be.
Definitely want to be coastal, we can't be too far from our beloved ocean.

I, well technically we, am trying to teach myself German.
I was so proud of myself last week when I could put together a (very) simple sentence.
"Ich habe hunger... Ich kann nicht warten Fruhstuck!"
Which translates to "I'm hungry... I can't wait for breakfast!"
I was waiting for my guy to get back with food.
Yay! Go me!

That's all for now.
Auf Weidersehen!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

This and That and Etsy

I will be adding these to the shop.


"Those of fire move about the earth with inspiration and purpose. They are creative, and can consume and be consumed by their desires. They are looking for a purpose, a place in which to create. They can be so entranced with the excitement of creation that their dreams burn up, turn to ashes."

-Crazy Brave, Joy Harjo

At times I know the feeling.
Oh, fire.
Oh, rapidly racing mind...


Next I am reading this, then I'm thinking this.
I desperately want a few of these... like yesterday.
And these little babies.
Oh and I love these and this.

I have some new ideas brewing, changing the direction of my work a wee bit...
We shall see where they go.

I guess that is all for right now.
I'm off to make some nettle tea.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Share what you love

Sometimes I look around and notice something small that I love, think is beautiful, inspires me, or just think looks really cool. Today I was noticing the jar holding a spider plant in water and you can see all the roots and thought, that is such a beautiful photo. From there I was inspired to walk around the house a little more and notice what else I thought was beautiful or interesting.
I thought I would share these photos with you.

If you feel like it, I would love to see what you see around you that is inspiring, beautiful or picturesque!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Snowboarding

This weekend was the last weekend for snowboarding up at Bolton Valley.
So we made sure to take advantage, especially since our friend are moving to Maine and won't be working there anymore.
(Safe and easy moving, guys!)
We had 3 days of different spring skiing.

Friday was raining at the house, but snowing and foggy at the mountain. The snow was soft, but sticky.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! You couldn't ask for a better day of Spring skiing. It was sunny and warm (like 50 degrees warm). There was a traditional pond skimming contest which is always fun.

*For those of you who don't know what this is, it is a spring skiing sport where people (usually dressing in a costume or not much of anything at all) try to ski or snowboard across a pond. Obviously the goal is to make it to the other side, but oh the hilarity of watching the people who completely bite it!*

Say hi to Dave, a man of many talents, pond skimmer safety extraordinaire!
(and our friend who is nice enough to let us crash at their house and give us passes to snowboard at Bolton) How fab is that suit!?! He is like an orange Gumbi!


Sunday started off a bit rough.
It was overcast and the snow had somewhat frozen overnight making it tough to see and ski on. There were some serious "death cookies" to avoid, but as the day went on and as people skied on the trails the snow softened up. It was super sticky and harder to snowboard on, but so much fun!

I am already ready to go snowboarding again.
We have been very lucky to be able to go as much as we have, but it just won't be the same at Bolton without our friends there! And as much as I am ready for warmer weather and green things poking their little sproutiness out of the dirt, I am not ready to be done snowboarding for the season.
However, we have been thinking of moving to somewhere along the coast of Maine, so now we can start taking trips up to start checking out where me might like to live...