Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Snowboarding

This weekend was the last weekend for snowboarding up at Bolton Valley.
So we made sure to take advantage, especially since our friend are moving to Maine and won't be working there anymore.
(Safe and easy moving, guys!)
We had 3 days of different spring skiing.

Friday was raining at the house, but snowing and foggy at the mountain. The snow was soft, but sticky.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! You couldn't ask for a better day of Spring skiing. It was sunny and warm (like 50 degrees warm). There was a traditional pond skimming contest which is always fun.

*For those of you who don't know what this is, it is a spring skiing sport where people (usually dressing in a costume or not much of anything at all) try to ski or snowboard across a pond. Obviously the goal is to make it to the other side, but oh the hilarity of watching the people who completely bite it!*

Say hi to Dave, a man of many talents, pond skimmer safety extraordinaire!
(and our friend who is nice enough to let us crash at their house and give us passes to snowboard at Bolton) How fab is that suit!?! He is like an orange Gumbi!


Sunday started off a bit rough.
It was overcast and the snow had somewhat frozen overnight making it tough to see and ski on. There were some serious "death cookies" to avoid, but as the day went on and as people skied on the trails the snow softened up. It was super sticky and harder to snowboard on, but so much fun!

I am already ready to go snowboarding again.
We have been very lucky to be able to go as much as we have, but it just won't be the same at Bolton without our friends there! And as much as I am ready for warmer weather and green things poking their little sproutiness out of the dirt, I am not ready to be done snowboarding for the season.
However, we have been thinking of moving to somewhere along the coast of Maine, so now we can start taking trips up to start checking out where me might like to live...



  1. Great pictures! That pond skimming action looks pretty awesome. I'll be heading up to the mountain this weekend for my last day of skiing this season, too.

    And on the topic of Maine, I loved it when I lived there. If I wasn't such a die-hard west coast girl I'd move there again in a minute.

  2. Brit!! What a fun filled weekend you had! You boarder babe, you!
    Yes to Maine. I hear it is full of trees :) and they get SNOW! Plus, you've got your beloved coast as well.
    Are you looking north, mid or south? Keep us posted on your exciting exploration. Great excuse for road trips.
    Sweet pic of you and the boy.