Thursday, April 25, 2013

A few things

A few things to share with you:

1. I have a bunch of new crocheted crystals in THE SHOP.
I have to admit, they are pretty rad. I am loving how the indigo dyed thread looks on the stones, especially the amethyst! Let me know what you think about them.
(And as I am sure you have noticed, you can also see the most recently posted pieces over in the upper part of the column to the right -->)

2. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I am on Instagram... Are you?
You can find and follow me there, if you like: Littleowlarts

3. My goal this year is to work more on my Etsy shop and focus more on selling through there. It would be great to spend less on gas going from show to show (although, there are a bunch that I will still be doing, of course), as well as better for the environment. Not to mention that I like being able to spend the majority of my time working on new things. So I have been looking around at all the new- to me at least- things that etsy has to offer to help in this department.
One of which is an about page.
HERE is mine.
This is also something I would love your opinion on!

I LOVE hearing from all of you! So don't be shy, friends!
Tell me about yourself, about what YOU like, about what you think about what I have been working on, what you think of pricing or photos (which I have a long way to go with), or of things in general...
This is part of what inspires me!

Little Owl


  1. I love the crystals,both the strung and the crocheted.have you considered making the chains crocheted also? I like the metal ones with beads on them better than the plain ones.but I think that crocheting the chains opens up a whole new world of possibility involving the use of color.... :)

  2. @linda, I have thought about it. actually, when i first started making them i crocheted the necklace part also, but I found that the chain holds up better/stays looking nicer, longer. but that is a great idea! maybe i will revisit past designs at some point :) thanks!

  3. Oh, my little owl! The slide show is just perfect. I love the feather in the succulent and the hand dyed sheerness of the fabrics. They look soft & breezy. A lovely productive studio, where creative ideas turn into beautiful things.
    Good for you, Brit. Less travel, more time painting, beading, knitting, crocheting = selling!
    I love what you stand for. Love who you are. You are on your way!!