Friday, April 12, 2013



I just want to bury my face in that fluff.
And look at those sweet pinky ears!!!

I am missing a bunny in my life.
I do believe that the rabbit is one of my spirit animals,
I have always felt connected and had a love for them.

What animals do you relate to/feel connected to?


  1. Dogs has been always in my life but to be honest I have like an attraction or wolves, I like to read about them, I like to see photos of them...

    Have a great weekend!

    Lluisa x

  2. Lluisa, I know how you feel. I had a shepherd mix rescue for years that I am pretty sure was either part wolf or coyote... he really was the best dog ever! also, you should watch this video:


  3. Oh wow! they are amazing!!

    Thanks for the video, I have enjoyed it alot :)

    Have a great day!

    Lluisa x

  4. Owls. Owls. Owls.
    They surround me. And I'm glad for it!
    Brit, I've had great horned owls nesting in my spruce outside my house. They sit on the poles behind my house and leave me pellets. You should see my collection ;)
    I visit another owl nest a few blocks away. I found a dead baby owlet under the tree where mama was nesting. I'm sure there will be a brother or sister appearance next month.
    So you see, owl is my totem.
    PS: we got another inch last night. Grrrr.... Haha.