Friday, April 12, 2013

A dreary day, indeed!

It is rather dreary out today.
I have been trying to get myself motivated (you know, other than taking an all day nap). I would love to go for a long trek through the woods, but Miss Veda hasn't been feeling well on account of the fact that Lyme is a nasty thing for a puppers to have. So maybe a small adventure around the block (I am very lucky to live right by the ocean so it is still a nice little trek, reguardless), but it is so icky and windy so we will see...

I have a few project to be working on. I have decided that I want to print my art cards at home so I have been playing around with that. I upgraded my printer and invested in a tablet-y thing called Bamboo.
So fun to edit using this thing, and you use a pen so it is like when I am drawing on paper. A very good thing for someone like me! Now I just have to teach myself how to configure the images and text so that it all prints nicely.
Oh technology!
Here is a little sample, not too shabby, eh?
(I now need a paper cutter as well, yeesh!)

The paper isn't super fantastic, being that it is a mock up, but it ain't half bad if I do say so myself.

We ended up getting manure for the garden yesterday (WOOHOO!!!). Now we just need to figure out how to deter a certain puppy who thinks it is a great snack... YUCK!
I am eager to really get out there and start planting seeds. Things are definitely poking their heads up through the dirt, buds on trees and bushes are getting bigger and turning neon green and some flowers are even blooming!

It looks like we may also have ourselves a permanent outdoor kitty. I still haven't figured if she belongs to anyone, but I think she may be a stray because she is ALWAYS here now. We have taken to feeding her a bit. She is very sweet and very cute, but I am worried about bringing Posey Bird out when it is nice out. I don't want her to become a toy or meal, but I want her to be able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine as per usual in the warmer seasons...
Safety first!

I guess I should get back to it. I have been avoiding doing my stretching/exercises, I don't know why since I always feel so much better after. Oh the life of a procrastinator...
It is almost noon and I don't feel like I've accomplished enough so far today to be satisfied.
Maybe I should write a list. I always feel like I have gotten so much more done when I have things to actually, physically cross off.

(Clearly my post is a wee bit ADD today, can I blame my Macafe- maca tea? ZINGGG!!!)

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