Thursday, April 4, 2013

This and That and Etsy

I will be adding these to the shop.


"Those of fire move about the earth with inspiration and purpose. They are creative, and can consume and be consumed by their desires. They are looking for a purpose, a place in which to create. They can be so entranced with the excitement of creation that their dreams burn up, turn to ashes."

-Crazy Brave, Joy Harjo

At times I know the feeling.
Oh, fire.
Oh, rapidly racing mind...


Next I am reading this, then I'm thinking this.
I desperately want a few of these... like yesterday.
And these little babies.
Oh and I love these and this.

I have some new ideas brewing, changing the direction of my work a wee bit...
We shall see where they go.

I guess that is all for right now.
I'm off to make some nettle tea.


  1. I love them, I've been thinking about something like that for a while... I need more time to create, at the moment baby and daddy has caught a cold and I am so busy nursing them..hehe...

    Have a beautiful day!

    Lluisa x

  2. The racing too. These stones in crochet netted slings are soothing.
    Your hands and mind work in beauty.
    Hugs to you this sort of spring day!

  3. fabulous makes! love pebbles like these!
    so natural and so inspiring
    love it <3