Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Mu

*Warning: lots of cute pictures!

We went out for a mattress and came home with a puppy.

Meet Mu.
Her full title is Bessie Mu Snugs (doesn't she sound like a famous country singer?!)
A real lady all the way from Alabama and covered in spots like a Jersey cow.

We didn't even make it to the highway!
I just wanted to point out a dog (online) to Nate that I thought we both might like and would be good to protect livestock and chickens one day when we have our farm...
-I know, I know, getting a bit ahead of myself-
Anyway, it was said to be a Great Pyreneese mix (it most definitely was NOT), but there was no picture on the listing. And this is technically where it is Nate's fault that we got a puppy. He's the one who suggested we go look at it since the shelter was on the way to the highway.

We went, we saw and we realized this dog we initially went to see most definitely was not the right dog for us as. At first glance and she was more like a hyper, barky husky (and she was already taken by the time we got there, anyway).
So since we were already there, of course we looked at all the other dogs.
This is how we saw Mu.

It really was love at first sight. And after meeting her, then meeting a few other dogs, meeting her again, then a few more dogs, I decided that I was serious about her and we met with her one more time before we both admitted that we just had to bring her home.
She got us from the start, we were immediately drawn to her beautiful eyes and her freckled piglet belly. Plus when we sat down with her she came right over and crawled into our laps, curled up and made herself at home.

Best decision ever.
Best 'mattress' ever (hahaha!)

She is so well behaved, gets along with all the animals already in the house where we live, already has learned 'sit', and pretty much has 'come' and 'back up'. She is mostly house broken and hardly makes noise (so far)! Pretty impressive for 4 months, I'd say! Her info suggested that she is a pointer/retriever mix, but we think she definitely has some pit in her, too.

I think that Star is happy to have her around, too (Star just turned a year and came from the same shelter when she was 2 months old). I think she thinks we got HER a puppy! All she wants to do is play.

Veda doesn't really care, as long as she doesn't jump on her, eat her food or steal too much attention away from her, she is good. Although, I did catch her joining in on the fun this weekend when they were running around the yard. It was hilarious, I think she feels compelled to run with them sometimes as if she has no control over what she is doing, then she comes to and is 'over it'! Silly lady, I am thankful that she is a fairly young 11 years old though!


As you have probably guessed, I have been a bit distracted.
But I have been trying to work on things, I promise. It is slow, but it is going...

So, how was your weekend?


  1. She is sooooo beautiful and lovely, you feel hugging her when you see that face :)

    Have a great day!

    Lluisa x

  2. I never liked mattress hunting anyway.
    Your household is growing & growing! Maybe now really IS the time to find your farm! ;)
    The whole fam is cute. Mu is darling. And I'm laughing at Nates shirt.
    Happy hump day!

  3. Thanks Lluisa and lynn!

    lynn, I didn't even realize what shirt he was wearing, it even has a cow on it! i got it for him when i was in Switzerland, hahaha! It is a good one for sure. And I agree about the farm, we are going to go up to start looking at the end of the month! WOo-HOo!