Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fern Heart: A GIVEAWAY!


Thank you for being here, for participating, commenting and being your awesome selves! I appreciate you!!!

The winner of the Fern Heart tank is Prairiegirl!

Email me ( your address and what size tank you would like.


Yellow racerback tank with green fern heart design printed on it.

Fern Heart by Little Owl Arts

Little Owl logo hand printed on a racerback tank

Ok Folks, here's the deal...

For being awesome and so supportive of Little Owl Arts, I am giving away this hand printed 'Fern Heart' racerback tank top. It is so comfy and perfect for all your summertime adventures!!!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is:
like Little Owl on facebook and leave a comment here on this post telling me either what you find most inspiring about summer
or what your favorite thing to do in summer is.
That's it.
Easy peasy, right?!?

(Feel free to share this giveaway with your friends!)

Thanks for being awesome and making my dreams come true!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Worlds Poesy

Every turn, every path, every place I visit in the outdoors is lined with verdant green and blooms bursting forth!

Wild roses.

Wild roses while out walking the dogs.

I love how delicate these roses are.

I have been trying to enjoy every last bit of green,
of lush foliage, buds and blossoms,
slanted sunlight through dusky skies and salty ocean breezes...

where the swamp runs into the pond.

Trillium (flower) gone by.

Wild berry patch... Mmmm! Can't wait!!!

The Great Lawn. A beautiful reservation area looking over coves, rocky coastline, the city in the distance and open ocean. It was once part of an estate and has now been given to the Trustees of Reservation to care for and preserve.

I feel the birdsong every morning, right outside my open windows.
I rise, sip something warm and herbal out of the garden.
Wander out and about with the furry, 4-legged beasts.
They are happy to frolic and swim!
(And I am happy to experience their unabashed joy in these activities!)

Oh, hello Yarrow! Look at you shining in the sun, among the wild grasses!

Rosa Rugosa. My favorite (and oh, so fragrant) wild rose. 

It is that time.
To begin harvest.
Of flowers, of foods, of plants used for medicine making and natural dyeing.
Enjoy the blessings of the plant world.
Make friends with them, they are open, willing.
They are allies.

Open field. Nothing but grass, a couple trees and bushes, big sky and a happy little patch of wild daisies.

Along the edge, the rocks all have beautiful colors and textures.

One of the private abodes neighboring the reservation. Look at all those windows!!! I guess they are fitting for the view (an island and big open ocean)!

Sweet and loving daisies!

Hey Daisies, great view you've got there!

And don't forget to take time for beauty.
Make time for it.
Stop and look- really look! All around, magic and pulchritude.
The worlds poesy.

Shiny ocean.

Peeking through. boats anchored in the cove, signs warning of protected areas that are being eroded.

Tall wild grasses.

It is a comfort, this beautiful world.
Always the small things make me smile and remember I am truly alive.
Reach out and touch...

Sassafras! The mitten shaped leaves (along side oval shaped leaves) are distinct identification.

The path in.

Everything seems to be happily blooming!

Breathe it all in, every last bit of this seasons honeysuckle scented passion.
Make it your passion.
Make it part of your soul.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ocean + Indigo

New print, new tee! Organic cotton printed with original sand dollar design.

Sand dollar design in blue on the new natural organic cotton tee.

Hand dyed cotton skirt. Knee length, ndigo blue, shibori/tie dye style.

Up close and personal: indigo shibori design.

Lush. Vining plant taking over the yard boundary.

Another indigo shibori skirt.

Its all texture. Indigo shibori design.

Profile: Right side. Indigo shibori skirt

I have a new tee shirt design in the shop...
On organic cotton!
Also, dyed some knee length, cotton skirts.
Indigo shibori.
They're in there too, one of each size (small through xl),
individually hand dyed, each one is one of a kind.
The best for romping around the forest,
to the beach or around town!
(Also in the SHOP.)

On that note:
I have my first fair and farmers' market of the season coming up.
Saturday is the Beverly Arts Fest and then the Beverly Farmers' Market on Monday.
Phew! It is sure to be a whirlwind.
I have been printing up a storm...
...And dyeing, organizing, creating cards, etc..
Lots 'o good stuff.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dandelion Wishes

Dandelions gone to seed... Make a wish and set it free!

Columbine flowers starting to bloom.

Columbine about to flower.

Red columbine flowers.

Red columbine flowers.

The lilacs are in bloom! A sure sign that spring is heading into summer!

I wish you could smell how amazing these flowers smell. One of my favorite scents!

White lilacs.

Azaleas in bloom. The bees are beyond happy!

Azaleas in bloom.

A little collection of crystals, mined here in New England by a friend. Quartz, amethyst and flourite.

Wishing on a dandelion.

Isn't Spring just glorious?!?
There is nothing like the feeling of flowers bursting into bloom, left and right, as the weather finally warms up and the days are a blur of alternating rain showers and sunny skies.
There are signs of spring turning into summer. Flowers are blooming and bees are happy!
Sometimes all it takes to make me smile is looking just outside my front door.
Beauty is all around.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{Making + Exploring}


{Making + Exploring}
::Sharing a little bit of what's been happening creatively via iphone and instagram::