Sunday, June 1, 2014

Red Rock

Out in nature, where I belong.

Above the pines.

A foggy view from the top of the rock.

Red Rock, where the climbers go.

Admiring glacial boulders and climbable faces.

Gnarly roots. It is amazing where life can grow and hold on to.

Looking up towards the top, one of the rock ridges.

Trees growing from the base of the rock wall.

Taking the rock path through.

crags and slabs. Finger-holds and trees.

The way up if no ropes are attached.

Headed down the right path.

We hiked in to red rock, where the rock climbers go around here, last weekend. There are many trails back in this area. And large glacial rocks and boulders, all part of a terminal moraine.
Some of the huge boulders in this area were carried by a melting glacier all the way from Newfoundland!

There are boulders, slabs and climbing faces in this area
(and unfortunate evidence of rebel youth and their late night shenanigans),
lots of exploring to be done.

The dogs are happy to run free. They are saddled up with their "adventure packs". Oh, how I love and admire these wild beasts of ours. At times we had to stop them, hold them back from leaping up and off of boulders and giant rock faces that have flat, far drops off the other side. I am still amazed at how the 3-legger and the almost-13-year-older can get around with minimal to no help at all.
Quite impressive, I am sure to repeat.

Climbing up to the tops of the rocks to scout out view, where on good days I can see clear up the coast! (This day, in particular, was quite think with fog in the distance.) Meanwhile, I am surrounded by forest mixed with deciduous and hard wood. Time to make friends with the birch, maple, oak, white pine, beech and hemlock... Silent friends, standing tall and strong, whispering which way to turn.

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