Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ocean + Indigo

New print, new tee! Organic cotton printed with original sand dollar design.

Sand dollar design in blue on the new natural organic cotton tee.

Hand dyed cotton skirt. Knee length, ndigo blue, shibori/tie dye style.

Up close and personal: indigo shibori design.

Lush. Vining plant taking over the yard boundary.

Another indigo shibori skirt.

Its all texture. Indigo shibori design.

Profile: Right side. Indigo shibori skirt

I have a new tee shirt design in the shop...
On organic cotton!
Also, dyed some knee length, cotton skirts.
Indigo shibori.
They're in there too, one of each size (small through xl),
individually hand dyed, each one is one of a kind.
The best for romping around the forest,
to the beach or around town!
(Also in the SHOP.)

On that note:
I have my first fair and farmers' market of the season coming up.
Saturday is the Beverly Arts Fest and then the Beverly Farmers' Market on Monday.
Phew! It is sure to be a whirlwind.
I have been printing up a storm...
...And dyeing, organizing, creating cards, etc..
Lots 'o good stuff.

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