Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dandelion Wishes

Dandelions gone to seed... Make a wish and set it free!

Columbine flowers starting to bloom.

Columbine about to flower.

Red columbine flowers.

Red columbine flowers.

The lilacs are in bloom! A sure sign that spring is heading into summer!

I wish you could smell how amazing these flowers smell. One of my favorite scents!

White lilacs.

Azaleas in bloom. The bees are beyond happy!

Azaleas in bloom.

A little collection of crystals, mined here in New England by a friend. Quartz, amethyst and flourite.

Wishing on a dandelion.

Isn't Spring just glorious?!?
There is nothing like the feeling of flowers bursting into bloom, left and right, as the weather finally warms up and the days are a blur of alternating rain showers and sunny skies.
There are signs of spring turning into summer. Flowers are blooming and bees are happy!
Sometimes all it takes to make me smile is looking just outside my front door.
Beauty is all around.

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