Thursday, September 26, 2013

New friends

Also while in Maine...

We visited some new friends and got to meet the entire farm. I got a little excited and forgot to keep taking photos and these were the only good ones, but how cute is that little cow? She is the definition of sweetness! (as is Sassy, who's face you can see close up!)

Arlo, Pearl and Elsa

When we were in Maine last weekend we stayed with some friends in their off-grid cabin.
It was very cozy and full of both people and furry friends!

Thought I would share a few photos of their animals, who are hilarious. The first 3 photos are of Arlo, the worlds biggest cat, and this is what I woke up to! (the photo where he looks possessed is actually him yawning and playing at the same time, HA!) Pearl is the grey cat and I swear she is really a chinchilla, she is THAT soft!

Such a lively pack!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

At market

The season is winding down, there are only a couple farmers' markets left!
But there is still plenty of beauty left to enjoy!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Knitted, knitting, done.

I have been getting some knitting in.
In the last month or so I have knit 4 hats, 2 of which are this pattern (one in each size) in cascade 220 superwash and it is FABULOUS!!!

I am also working on a whirlpool cowl and have a few sweaters that have been waiting on needles in different stages that I need to get going on.

What are you working on?
Have you knit anything lately???

Common Ground Fair

I have been wanting to go to the Common Ground Fair up in Maine for years!!!
And this year I finally made it.

Here is a little peek at what we saw...

What did you do this weekend?

Monday, September 16, 2013



Thought I would share a few of the new things in the shop.
Hope your day was splendiferous!


At Market...

Glimpse into the Little Owl booth at the Beverly Farmers' Market.
Thanks to all that stopped by and an extra thanks to all that showed their support by buying something.
I appreciate you all!!!



While visiting a friend who was sharing some screen printing techniques she showed me the printing room. I loved seeing the trays of letter and numbers and the big presses.

Friday, September 13, 2013

AM vs. PM



The other day....

AM: Driving into town in the morning, everything was cloaked in a heavy fog, yet the sun was still trying to shine on through. I love how it looks like a story book when the fog rolls in.

PM: Driving back into town on my way home from borrowing a food processor and visiting my Nana.
There are so many beautiful spots to view the marsh and the river on the way, I love living on the coast!


Applesauce & Knitting

I was gifted a box of apple seconds and am going to make applesauce. I tried this recipe in the crock pot (of course I added ginger to the pot and in the second batch some cardamom as well). I may try a couple different recipes because lord knows I have enough apples to play around with! Although peeling the apples by hand is killing my hands!

I have finished 3 hats in the past couple weeks. The cabled one is this pattern in Cascade's 220 superwash, possibly the softest, squishiest yarn around. I will have to take a better photo of it finished to show you. I am already planning on a second hat in chunky alpaca. Oh, and once I deciphered the pattern fully it knit up super duper fast! (Thanks knitty friends that helped me break it all down) there is also this hat that I am thinking about doing as well...

Any projects on your table lately?

Thursday, September 12, 2013


With the doggers, it is a magical place!