Friday, September 13, 2013

Applesauce & Knitting

I was gifted a box of apple seconds and am going to make applesauce. I tried this recipe in the crock pot (of course I added ginger to the pot and in the second batch some cardamom as well). I may try a couple different recipes because lord knows I have enough apples to play around with! Although peeling the apples by hand is killing my hands!

I have finished 3 hats in the past couple weeks. The cabled one is this pattern in Cascade's 220 superwash, possibly the softest, squishiest yarn around. I will have to take a better photo of it finished to show you. I am already planning on a second hat in chunky alpaca. Oh, and once I deciphered the pattern fully it knit up super duper fast! (Thanks knitty friends that helped me break it all down) there is also this hat that I am thinking about doing as well...

Any projects on your table lately?

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  1. I love your hats. Especially the softest squishy one. I visited the ravelry site to see the finished pattern. OMG.
    I can knit but I'm not good at following directions.
    Sure sounds like your days are sweet and easy feeling and you're enjoying your coastal life. I'm glad.