Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Manifest: Our Life in Maine

We went for a visit in Maine this weekend. In search of where we would like to end up. It was supposed to be for 3 days and 2 nights, but we ended up coming home a day yearly because the weather just wasn't cooperating for camping with 2 dogs, one of which isn't that great in thunderstorms. Not to mention that it POURED, it poured buckets! And the lightening was blinding with loud thunder directly above us. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. There was no pause, there was no break, I really believe the storm was just circling around above our tent. And even though where we were camped had bunk houses we could have theoretically retreated to, there was no pause in the rain to make leaving the tent worth beans. So We only spent one night in Richmond.

We decided to take a trip to Damariscotta and then back down to Phippsburg (thanks Julie!) and were considering continuing to explore Harpswell, But after Phippsburg we were fried and decided to head home.
It was INSANE.
Stop and go traffic pretty much the whole way! UGH!!! What should have taken up 2 or 2.5 hours took 4! So we had been driving non-stop for over 9 hours that day! And the dogs went along for the ride like champs, thank goodness. But oh boy, if I don't go in the car for a while I wouldn't be sad... We were also hoping to check out Camden, Richmond and Bowdoin/Bowndoinham, as well as possibly visit a few friends, but that will have to be another trip (or few). I am so determined to manifest the life we want I have started creating a vision board at home and one of sorts on Pinterest. Do you do that? Create a collage of photos to help achieve a goal? I am so visual, I think it helps!

Now we are home and are a bit more renewed, both in sleep and in our determination to manifest our new lives in Maine. I already miss it (not the rain, at least for camping) and I am already eagerly anticipating another adventure up that way. I am not sure when we will go up next for home searching, but I do know we plan on attending the Common Ground fair! I have been wanting to go for years, but have never been able to. Have you ever been? Are you going this year? I have heard wonderful things and am so excited!!!

What did you do over this holiday weekend???


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  1. Whew!! I'm EXHAUSTED and I need a towel to dry off from all that rain!! Camping is so fun. But rain can kill a camping trip. You all seem to have taken it in stride and your attitude was go with the flow. (Hehe)
    Oh man! That traffic! Sounds like my trip to L.A. Just last week! Ugh!
    I've not been in a car since I've been back. I bicycle everywhere.
    Maine is gorgeous! So perfect for you guys. Gardens and nature and snow! It'll be so fun to work on your vision board throughout this winter! Keep us posted on your discoveries and plans. XO