Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Misty Day Happy

Veda waiting ahead on the trail.

 I love days like these.
Heavy, foggy, damp.
The woods feel more alive and you can almost see the plant life
growing right in front of you as you pass by.

It is all so alive.

Woodland textures and color.

Many leaves are in full bloom, but some are still working hard and beginning to open.

Moss and lichen taking over a fallen log.

Truly alive and breathing.

And I am realizing that I constantly need this force in my everyday life.
I need alive
and wild,
and birdsong,
and green... and brown...
Trees and leaves and flowers.
And mountains and oceans...

Lichen on a tree. I love the color!!!

The lady slippers are beginning to bloom!!!

Love fern, love the symmetry.

Don't be shy, stand tall and bloom Lady Slipper!

I need to live where things are wild and free.

Where there are more animals roaming than people.
I need to smell the forest floor, of limbs and leaves decomposing.

Mountain Laurel branches are so windy.

Walking, observing, calling the dogs... Testing out how comfy the sample indigo dyed skirt is.

I want to be able to walk for miles.
And explore new place.
Find new favorite trees.

Deciduous. Everything is blooming.

A look into the side wood.

American Sarsparilla is everywhere right now! And blooming!!!

American Sarsparilla flowers.

I miss the mountains.
I love the ocean, but I yearn to live where the mountains meet the sea.

I think that is the Capricorn in me.
But water is a necessity.
(There is also Aquarian in me.)

Ferns unfurling in perfect harmony.

A group of fiddleheads reaching high and leafing out.

Vibrant green ferns.

Little brook we came across.

In some areas there is a sea of ferns!

I need to roam
and explore.

To work for a breath-taking view.
Ramble my way through fern and bramble,
scramble up past trees- reaching out to touch the bark as I pass.

One of the main paths. This one in particular is one of my favorites in the park. There is something comforting and calming about this particular part of the trail.

More ferns unfurling.

Wild violets, what a sweet find, hiding under all the lush foliage!

Looking around, there are so many things to catch my eye, both big and small.
It is a good reminder to slow down and really look around.

There is no rush here.


  1. "Reaching out to touch the bark as I pass." What a neat thing to say!
    When are you coming out west, where the mountains meet the sea?

    1. We are going to be in Northern Cali in the beginning of Sept! Can't wait!!! (Nate is actually pretty set on Moving out there at this point!)

  2. Such beautiful photos. I love all of these things and you made a nice poem too :0)