Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garden Majesty

The kale has gone wild!

And it has gone to flower (it was left over from last season).

This kale has turned into a giant bush, almost as tall as me!

Anise Hyssop coming back for another season!

The lavender made it through... Can't wait for it to flower!

Happy garlic!!!


The garden will be minimal this year, while we are preparing to explore and transition.
I hope it won't mind...
There are still a few left-over kale plants that have exploded and become regal kale bushes plopped dead center of all the vibrantly growing herb perennials.

On the list of "old friends" coming back for another round, another year are the endless sea of calendula (which spread themselves like wildfire each year, HOORAY!!!), lavender, anise hyssop, echinacea (for the bees!), thyme, oregano and sage. There are also a few carrots and parsley plants that are growing on  of their own will, we will see what happens. I am also eagerly awaiting verbena to pop up, I was hoping it seeded itself, but I haven't had great luck with this in the past.

The garlic is getting bigger as well! After waiting all winter to see green shoots, but only seeing brown earth and white mounds, it is finally up and off like a rocket! I was worried it wasn't protected enough, but lo and behold! Garlic a plenty!
(well, there is never really enough garlic, if I must be honest...)


A lovely new friend (via Instagram, how wonderful!!!) posted a couple wonderful photos of herself in her beloved Little Owl "Three Sisters" hoodie in front of a towering lilac bush. It was fantastic, and then she posted this photo below.
Swoon, right?!? (Many thanks, Lo!)
That bouquet, just the perfect little wildflower collection to match the charcoal of the hoodie!

I am so honored she let me use her beautiful photos.
I have to be honest, I have found photographing my screen printed clothing very challenging and have yet to really be satisfied with any of the photos I have taken myself.
So, here is inspiration and a challenge to myself to work harder, to get better, to create photos that are beyond lovely and make you just want to jump in and get cozy, or tug at delicate heart strings.
There. I've said it, now I must work to follow through!

@larch_and_lager in her little owl "three sisters" hoodie holding a beautiful bouquet. Via instagram.

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