Wednesday, May 21, 2014

handful of garden fresh herbs for tea.

oregano, thyme and lemonbalm make a fantastic herbal tisane!

Vibrant spring greens, the first of the herbs to be abundant enough to harvest for tea!

I have been waiting all winter (and it has been a long one) for these green leaves!
There is nothing like a fresh, herby tisane.
This one will include oregano, thyme and lemonbalm (one of my absolute favorites and one I have a special healing connection to). I am a religious tea drinker, it is part of my everyday spiritual path. It is morning, noon and nighttime ritual. And I prefer tea as my chosen healing modality.
Making a cup of tea, whether for healing or for pleasure, engages the participant. It encourages one to be a direct part of their own wellbeing. You have to prepare, wait, pour, steep, breath in, sip...
Tea invokes fluidity and patience.
It is a balm for the soul.
Slowing down, you can sit and truly enjoy that moment.
True connection.

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