Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cat naps in the great sunshine

So I guess today I am all about being a cat. I must be channeling some feline energy.
I have a very active mind, which, unfortunately for me tends to be active somewhere around 3 in the morning. Apparently my brain wants to be nocturnal when my body does not. I also don't really sleep in. combine that with being over-tired and you have a 5 year old, am I right? At least that's how it feels to me in terms of dealing with life when I haven't slept enough.
So, today being beautifully balmy and sunny, I decided to take a hint from what now seems to be our new outdoor kitty (she chose us, for now at least). I brought my yoga mat out onto the deck, accompanied by a book, sketchbook, pens and watercolors and decided to just sit in the sun and rotate reading, painting and sun napping this afternoon. It has been the most blissful idea I have had all week.
And look who showed up all ready to chat and snuggle!

1 comment:

  1. Whhoooaaaahhhh...that second picture!! Brit! I'm in love with that face! She's yours. And she chose you. And you let her stay. And I'm so happy! What have you named her? Surely she has a name.
    And did you say balmy & sunny? Please don't say that around me.
    (I'd like to send you pictures of what it looks like around her, sister.)
    I see another owl on your sketch pad! Love!