Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bah Harbah, Kid... And so on and so forth...

So we went up in a snow storm and drove home in a snow storm,
but all is well and we have arrived safely back to our own domain.
We spent time with friends and family in beautiful rural places in Maine
with dogs and chickens and many laughs.
I am thankful to have visited such a beautiful place.

-Bah Harbah, Kid (and Mt. Desert, Bass Harbor, Sommes Sound... We were all around the island)-

I can't wait 'til we have our own chickens, although we will have to work on Margi and Mu's chicken etiquette first. These ladies think chicken chasing to be the cat's meow!
On the way home we checked out an area outside of Camden (Hope, ME.) that we may or may not have in love with... Might have to go back for some more exploring!


  1. Looks very much like the life for you!
    Those Maine woods are Walden looking. ;)
    More to explore, another new town, perhaps a summer time view of it all.

  2. Hope is lovely---Waldo County is a great locale, full of artists, close to the ocean(Belfast, Camden, Rockport), great Farmers Markets and food co-ops---we live in Unity--home of Common Ground Fair, which you would probably love, 3rd weekend in Sept.

    1. Oh, Unity is beautiful from what I have sean, Jean! We finally made it to Common Ground this year, too!!! We have friends in Appleton, also beautiful... We really do love hope and although we have been of the mindset to rent first to see where we really want to be, we are very tempted to buy a bit of land we saw for sale in Hope and just go for it! (SO tempted!!!)... It seems like that area has a little of the best of everything: ocean, mountains, space, creative minds... *sigh* Honestly, at this point I would just be happy to be in Maine already!... How do you like Unity? Are you from there already?

    2. We've lived in Unity for 3+ years---lived in Maine about 20 years ago, and moved away for husband's job transfer--knew I needed to move back here permanently some day, and am so glad we did. Have lived in many states but grew up in New England. Great to be close-ish to the ocean, which I need--and near mountains--which my husband needs. We own a tiny farm, have sheep, and love it here....hope you find a place to love.

    3. That is definitely one of the most appealing things about the area, we found it has a little of everything and we love that! Plus it is so beautiful around there!!! Maybe one day we will be "neighbors"! I love that you have sheep, I am hoping to have a few sheep (and maybe a few goats as well) when we find a place to make our own! I would love to learn more about them... Hope you are staying warm and happy up north! <3