Friday, June 25, 2010

Things that make me HAPPY...

Swimming off the rocks at my favorite beach at high tide.
Creating art.
My family.
Being in a creative mood.
When people wave after you let them go when driving.
Working in my garden.
Tea made from plants that I have grown/harvested.
The smell of feathers (my bird smells like heaven!).
Going somewhere new.
Cuddling with my pups.
Fluffy clouds in beautiful blue skies.
Things that feel soft to the touch (I have a real obsession with textures).
Beautiful textiles.
The work Textile.
Being silly.

What makes you happy?
Let me know,
or blog about it and leave a comment!


  1. This is a lovely list, I just did two, one of things I want to do and one of things I have to do. Just wish I could do the things I want to do, and not bother with the things I have to do!!