Saturday, June 5, 2010

Frank the Pirate

Frank the Pirate (Andy in the puppet) with our friends from the Scallywags, Mad Jenny (Jenn Bliss) and Jason Berube at the Celebration of the Sea Festival that happened today in E. Gloucester at the Eastern Point Day School...

Today started off with a bang.
I mean, literally, there was crazy thunder and lightening!
We thought we were rained out, but they didn't call the little festival and although we were all grouchy, we went anyway.
Well, it turned out that it was hot and sunny until the festival was about over when we learned of a severe storm warning (with a tornado watch so I hear).
So we pack up a little early and got out of there just in time!
All in all it was pretty fun and the kids were great.
And they loved my little owls which makes me happy!
So far the storm warning seems like it might drift out to sea,
it did thunder and rain a little when we got home, but now it is sunny again.
So it was a good day!
How was your day?

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