Friday, October 21, 2011

Yesterday started out foggy and overcast, but turned out to be absolutely beautiful!
We took a walk in the morning and after the POURING rain that we had the day before and all the dampness there was a whole lot of mushrooms that had popped up!

The colors in the woods are so beautiful and warm,
with all the bright and mustardy yellows,
the vibrant reds
and the burnt oranges...
Plus there is still quite a bit of green which contrasts and explodes,
especially on days where it is damp and wet!

I love the woods when it is raining, or even foggy or overcast.
It is so peaceful and still.
It is like all of the trees are drinking in deep and the animals are all cuddling together,
staying out of the rain and keeping dry.
I like the sound of water droplets on the leaves in the trees...

Hope you are all enjoying your evening!
I am off to get ready for the Essex Clamfest tomorrow...
Wish me luck!


  1. These photos are beyond amazing!!!
    The wonderful Autumnal colours are killing me. And the mushrooms!

    Good stuff :)

  2. i love when the woods are all over-saturated and misty too. looks like you found so many mushrooms and leafy treasures!