Friday, October 28, 2011

This is what was in our metal fire pit this morning...
No, we didn't get snow. We had aweful, cold, raw, icky rain.
But it was kind of pretty, all the colors frozen in momentum here.
Hope you are warm and dry :)


  1. i think the fall colours are really pretty there, frozen in. not envying your weather though!

  2. the colors of the leaves are so beautiful! your crazy weather is here now. yesterday the high was in the low 80's, and today the high was in the upper 40's. and there was ice falling in the rain! it's insane!

  3. What a great picture , can you imagine a painting done like this it would be fantastic, what camera do you use your photos are so great and I am looking for a new camera of course my pics I am sure won't look as good as yours.

  4. that does look pretty Brittan. We just had our first hard frost here in Canton, IL..Suppose to warm a bit today, so planning a woods walk.. before the weather changes again! xx

  5. danielle, that is crazy weather! we had that sort of thing happen, just not so extreme!

    nancy- thanks! i am sure your pictures will be wonderful, also it takes a lot of playing around. i use my camera on the manual mode so i have control over the image. this camera is the cannon SX30 IS, i like it, it is my way of working my way up to an slr. i would love a camera with super crazy macro! this one was a fairly good deal (i got it at best buy and made sure i looked for the best deal so the could price match), and i guess it's supposed to be kind of like an slr (but it's not one in actuality). it has a 35x zoom so i don't have to deal yet with changing the lens.

    comfry- i usually love snow, but i just am not ready quite yet! but winter is one of my favorite times to be out in the woods!